Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Parents' Choice tonight - some interviews & pics

3 Interviews, 3 sets of Pics & 1 missing Idol?
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Wonder why the parents chose the songs they did for tonight's show (song choices are listed in the left sidebar)? See below....
(sorry ah, this post a bit rojak! just read on and bear with me k?)

3 sets of pics
Last week, I asked one of the producers to help me take some pics at each of the Idols' homes as they went to shoot their lil weekly profiles. Unfortunately they got so caught up, they managed to only get pics from 3 of the Idols' homes. I say some better than none right? Here's a lil peek into the homes of Charles, Tabby & Faizal.

Tabitha & Mom

Mr & Mrs Nauser (both good looking - Mommy looks like Ms Sri Lanka and Daddy looks like George Clooney/Richard Gere! - no wonder Tabby is HAWT!) chose the song 'Summertime' for the simple reason that its Mrs Nauser's favourite song! I say Mommy has good taste in music.... definitely a song Tabby can handle.

Faizal & Parents

Faizal's parents decided on 'The Reason' by Hoobastank for tonight because they feel that no one is perfect (first line of the song goes 'I'm not a perfect person'), and neither is Faizal, but his imperfections are what make him 'perfect' for their family. Everbody say awwww :)
We love Faizal just the way he is too!

Charles & Parents

Mr & Mrs Wong are so smiley :) no wonder Charlie's so smiley :)
They chose Corinne May's song 'Fly Away' for Charles because they love this song. Charles sang it at his grandma's funeral a while back, and he told me it made him cry. It is a beautiful song, and hopefully it will touch the hearts of many and keep Charles on the show.

3 Interviews
(thank you Mae, Airi and Duane who took the time out to reply!)

Mae's parents chose this song cos Wizard of Oz is her Mom's favourite movie :)

Mae says :
"It’s a classic song that they liked and when I was young I loved to watch The Wizard of Oz and Grease…..and I don’t think “Grease Lightning” would be a good competition songJ Hee hee. So they chose this oneJ"

1. Lets get to know the rents'...
Mom's Name : Sandra Vernie
Mom's age :55
Mom's occupation : A stay at home Grandma to 3 Grandchildren under the age of 4
(I just wanna say I met Mae's mum for the first time last week after the show and Mae is exactly like her - hand gestures, speech patterns...everything - its so adorable! Love Mae's mum, she's just the cutest!)

Dad's name :Hans Vernie
Dad's age :60
Dad's occupation :Bus Driver

2. What do you think of the song choice?
LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

3. Whats your fave thing about your mom?
How I can tell her anything because she loves me unconditionally and will always stand up for me! Her heart is soooo big!

4. Whats your fave thing about your dad?
He’s very ZEN about everything, he’s taught me how to be calm and to LOVE…..

5. If you could choose a song to represent your parents, what would it be?
'I Saw Her Standing There' by the Beatles because my dad says it represents how they met and fell in love.
(isn't that the sweetest? You can tell Mae's parents are quite sentimental folk ya :))

6. How do you think the Idol journey has been so far for your parents?
I think it’s been a very hard journey for them because when they are not in Singapore, they feel a bit helpless because they can’t vote or watch it on TV live…but they’ve learned just to trust that they given me all the tools to be strong and independent. I love themJ

Airi's parents chose this song for him cos his Dad is a huge Ray Charles fan. But Airi will be doing the Jamie Foxx version of this song.

Airi says :
"My dad is an avid Ray Charles fan, he has old Ray Charles vinyls and he loves listening to jazz. He always blasts his stereo with jazz and blues music every night since I was born!"

1. Lets get to know the rents'...
Mom's Name : Rubiah Chayan
Mom's age : 47
Mom's occupation : housewife

Dad's name : Sezali Suliman
Dad's age : 50
Dad's occupation : despatch rider

2. What do you think of the song choice?
I honestly think its an honour to be able to do a cover of this song and I hope I can deliver it well. I'm sure if I could do that, it will be a good performance

3. Whats your fave thing about your mom?
Her positive attitude. Having to live with a replacement aortic valve in her heart and having to be on several types of medication everyday of her life has never stopped her from doing what she wants to do. She is optimistic and never fails to smile, anyone who has met my mom would say the same thing. She's my inspiration!

4. Whats your fave thing about your dad?
His passion for the things he loves, he's an audiophile enthusiast and will spend hours and days just to get the right sound. he's a perfectionist. (so THAT's where you get it from Airi!)

5. If you could choose a song to represent your parents, what would it be?
L.O.V.E.! (awww...psst I only the hi-five version!)

6. How do you think the Idol journey has been so far for your parents?
Exciting. I've never seen them more excited about anything else than this. Its nice to see them being so supportive

Duane's parents chose 'Imagine', the John Lennon classic because of its deep meaning. But Mom has chosen the David Archuleta version because it suits Duane's voice.

1. Let's get to know the 'rents :
Mom's Name : Ange Ho
Mom's age : '29'
Mom's occupation : Counsellor

Dad's name : Nelson Ho
Dad's age : 50+
Dad's occupation : Project Manager

2. What do you think of the song choice?
I like it. I made it my own cause I really liked the song.
(Duane will be playing the piano for tonight's performance :))

3. Whats your fave thing about your mom?
She's honest and she gives good advice.

4. Whats your fave thing about your dad?
He sends me everywhere without complaining. More sending back and forth between school and Mediacorp.

5. If you could choose a song to represent your parents, what would it be?
Flaws And All - Beyonce
(aww, what a great choice - love this answer!)

6. How do you think the Idol journey has been so far for your parents?
Unexpected and full of ups and downs. Fun nonetheless cause they get to scream their hearts out to support me every Wednesday. So cute!

Sylvia's parents chose 'Warwick Avenue' by Duffy because they want Sylvia to bring back the magic of Duffy's 'Mercy'.

Sorry peeps, unfortunately for us, producers didn't manage to get any pics at her place nor did she reply my email.

So to make up for that, here are some more behind-the-scenes pics of Sylvia from the trailer shoot, hammin' it up in her 'school uniform' with Sezairi. Click to enlarge :)

Lastly, apologies again that this week's interviews/pics are not 100%. Wish I could spend 24/7 with the Idols like Iz gets to, but unfortunately, this is the best I can do for now :P I was away for a few days (family stuff) and I already had Idol withdrawal symptoms - missed the roadshow, profile shoots etc...aiya and I missed them a whole lot!

Anyway, hope you enjoyed what I put together above, more posts to come today - busy blogging day for me - its IDOL DAY people!

xoxo, s.


  1. vote for tabitha!

  2. so now we know Tabitha comes from a well to do family, (and here everyone was making a big fuss about Duane's background as to where his votes are coming from)this year SI is so boring to watch because everyone knows already that she will be the next idol and the show has about another 6weeks or more to go!! the producer has to make something up for the show to become interesting and unpredictable to watch every week!! (maybe vote Tabitha out and make the whole of Singapore fuss over it and then it will be interesting to watch....cause anyway she will be a big star without the SI title)!!!

  3. how can she be the winner when every week she's in the bottom 3??? Aiya the boys will win la. Though ZI think Tabitha is really very good. I woudld vote for her !

  4. Hello anonymous above,
    What makes you think the other idols are not well to do? Wow by just looking at the picture you assume they are well to do!

  5. To the anon who wrote "so now we know Tabitha comes from a well to do family.....", your comment is a load of CRAP - it speaks volumes about your IQ :)

  6. Anonymous above who assumes that Tabitha comes from a well to do family, what makes you think that she will be the SG idol winner when every week she's in the bottom 3, unlike Duane and Faizal who has never been in bottom 3 at all, think about that. Even if Tabitha is the SG idol winner, i think she will be marketable in and out of singapore. Isn't That What we want for singapore? An idol who represents Singapore and makes us proud? My vote will definitely go to her, even if she's well to do or not. So i urge all Singaporeans to keep her in the competition.

  7. poor sylvia is very sick :((

  8. well maybe the producer just put her(in the bottom 3) just to spice up the programme(or wants the people to vote more)!!

  9. what about that picture makes you think Tabitha is well to do? I think Faizal's house looks like landed property. And Charles' house has got what looks like leather sofa - so?
    What difference does it make? Tabby alwz in bottom, so even if she is rich obviously her 'rich' family not using the connections to keep her in. get a life and dun make such assumptions.
    btw your comment is like saying next time to make u happy idols should live in a shack. then u will pitythem and get their votes izzit?

  10. Who do you think will end up as Top 3 ?

    I would say, Tabitha , Mae and Duane/Faizal

  11. eh..I disagree that Mae should be in the Top 3. She's inconsistent and desperate - the reason that she lasts longer because she talks alot and is PC to the media. Sylvia should be in the Top 3 - because she is not pretentious and has a radio-friendly voice. By the way, I hope Tabitha wins eventually - because she has proven to me (through the weeks) that she has worked very hard every week and she has the amazing vocal range and package (initially she was boring in the 1st piano show but seems to get better in recent weeks since 'the year I was born' and 'Asian Fest' themes).