Thursday, November 12, 2009

Idol Triumph Music Video - Top 6 (plus bonus vid)

Top 6 are F.R.I.E.N.D.S. forevah!
:) I loved this music video - so I HAD to get a copy out online - hehe, I asked the Director to gimme a copy! This is the Triumph music video that was shot at various locations last Friday.

Thanks Eugene for burning that DVD so fast! :) (Eugene's the director behind this music video :))
And SUPER THANKS to Justin who helped get this converted and uploaded super duper chupa chup fast! Muaks!

Enjoy folks!

Check out Iz's BTS vid for the shoot of this video, and my previous post with BTS pics etc :)

Pity none of the umbrella shots made it to the actual video - when asked why, Eugene said it was cos Sylvia's umbrella was malfunctioning :P

xoxo, s.

ps. One more vid before I go zzzz....this was shot today, Sylvia practicing for the show just minutes before they went on stage - Sylvia FM til the end ;) I am posting this here, cos I dunno where else to post it LOL! So random, but enjoyable too mah! Nite!


  1. even without the background music, sylvia sounds beautiful :)

  2. Yah duh? everyone will sound beautiful without the background music. Its called Acoustic.

  3. The MTV behind the scenes shoot was so funny! i kept watching it and never got bored. I like the part 2:51-2:56 coz faizal isa looks like a cute small kid. HAHAHAH :P
    Thanks for posting the vids on this blog!

  4. Yah duh! everyone can sound beautifully without the background music.