Saturday, November 7, 2009

Triumph Music Video Shoot @ The Quincy

Polo Boys eat your heart out!
Just kidding :) if you saw any of my twitpics from this afternoon, you would know I'm kidding LOL!

Today, the Top 6 spent their day on shoot on various locations for a music video for one of the show's sponsors - Triumph. If you're thinking Tabby, Sylvia and the boys parading in underwear and lingerie...juz fuggedaboudit (tsk shame on you! We're a family show!)! I'm not sure what the end video's gonna look like, but they did take some shots of the girls at the Triumph store 'shopping' :).

I caught up with the Top 6 at the newly-opened (Feb this year) boutique hotel called Quincy. And its really boutique - reminded me a lot of the W hotel at Times Square, New York. Its all black, grey, silver with cool accent art pieces. Very urbane. Loved it. The staff were also super friendly and accommodating. Loved them too.

Neways, the shoot was on the 12th floor, by the pool. Here are some behind-the-scenes vids I shot during my hour there with them :)

Ok, this vid, is basically the Top 6 'arriving' at the location and 'chillin' after a day of shopping...check out the boys running in at the side ;) Tabby and Sylvia aren't really having a conversation - they're saying random things like literally... 'bla bla bla talk talk talk lets giggle about Iz and oh i have shoes...'

This vid features the 3 boys doing their big jump into the pool. Duane refused to take his top off. Anyway, his 'storyline' sees him getting pushed in later on - fully clothed! I thought this was hilarious cos I was right next to the cameraman, and the boys all jumped in and then got totally blocked by the pillars!

Iz and I joked about how the whole pool set up was like Polo Boys, and what a pity it was that we couldn't put our cameras in the water. And then we noticed hey, the pool has a glass wall! So we tried filming it - Iz's camera's shots are waaay clearer, but I couldn't resist recording with my phone too look out for Iz's vid - should be up soon on his youtube channel izked85 :)
This is seriously funny cos you can see Faizal's pants just billowing about! I have to say, the boys were really such good sports :)

This one's just a quick chat with the boys while we waited for their next shot - they were freezing by the way - hope they don't fall sick with all this waterplay. But they were such good sports!

Don't the boys look like performing dolphins that just 'pop up' in this scene? Check out Duane lounging in the back - you can't really see it here, but he has cucumber slices on his eyes and they fall off when he sits up to do his clapping part :) The video is shot to the theme song for FRIENDS and they're doing the famous 'clapping' bit.

Last shot for this location, the boys have just pushed Duane in (aiyo I missed that money shot of Duane being pushed in - sorry!) and then decide to join him. Check out Charles' splash efforts - worse ever! LOL!

What you DIDN'T see on the vids were the countless times Faizal's pants fell off whenever he tried to climb out of the pool - time to eat a little more :)

Faizal : "Polo Boys, meet the Skinny Polo Boys!"

Plus, while producers were shooting the boys and the pool, Sylvia, who's still sick, got served up a huge bowl of porridge which we ordered from the hotel. It was HUGE!

Thank you to Quincy for the great location - we hope to have a lil Idol gathering there once the whole show is over. (The rate is unbelievable - at $258 you get a room, breakfast/lunch/dinner + limo transfer + laundry service! AND apparently you can have anything in the minibar, or was it the bar? Whatever - its a damn good deal! Definitely worth a try for a 'staycation' <--learned that word from Young Parents magazine! Ironic term!)

After the pool shots at Quincy, the Idols moved on to SOMA at Park Mall to grab shots of them singing in a recording studio and then later on to VivoCity to grab shots of them 'playing' at the fountain just outside the maindoors - night shots - woulda been fun! Looking forward to seeing Iz's pics and vids :) Check out the Official Blog for those - should be up soon!

And before I sign off, more pics from today....

xoxo, s.

ps. for proper rates/info at Quincy, go to their website.

pps. Don't forget to catch your Top 6 in person at Jurong Point today - 2pm-3pm! Go show them yer love :)

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