Saturday, November 7, 2009

Love these pics!

Last one before I go...
Aren't these pics just the coolest? Instant wallpaper for whichever Idol you're a fan of :) My favourite is actually Sylvia's. She's a pretty good actress - she actually looks quite scared and guilty in that pic!

PLUS, was just chatting with Iz on MSN, and he's working on a lil music video montage from the stuff he shot today. He was out with the Top 6 all day from Ion to Quincy to SOMA to Vivo, so that vid and whatever pics he puts up are sure to be awesome :), go check it out on the Official Blog and his youtube channel! He'll probably post an update notice on the Facebook page once he's done, so keep a look out!

nitey-nite all! **yawn**
xoxo, s.


  1. i like tabby she is so funny and look she is the most bad among all

  2. Please vote for SYLVIA! Let's keep her in! Trash the guys!