Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hady's new album!

Ooooh, too good to keep to myself...
Just got a call from Taufik & Hady's manager, and we were yakkin' about somethin' else, and then she mentioned that a date has been set for the launch of Hady's much-anticipated album! Woot! The date is somewhere mid-December, will definitely post it when I get the actual date :)

I'm excited. I love his new single 'Angkasa', but what I'm really waiting for are the two English songs that will be on that album. Like Taufik, I think Hady really excels when singing English tunes, its got a different kinda groove you know? (no offence to the Malay tunes, which I'm still a fan of btw, my loop song on my ipod was Nafasku for-like-forever). Speaking of Taufik, am also waiting to hear when his new album's due out.

In the meantime, here's a snippet of 'Angkasa' that I found on YouTube and a clip of Taufik's 'Nafasku' <-- beautiful song, cried the first few times I heard it. (Check out those biceps too! Min, oh how our baby has grown! LOL!)

I likey the tunes boys, keep up the good work!

xoxo, s.


  1. ^ ^ i think the album'll sell like hot cakes :D

  2. Angkasa is awesome! The single is in the loop on RIA 89.7 FM. Great to know that he wrote it himself.

  3. This is the link to the full version of Hady's Angkasa on youtube.


    I heard Hady was responsible for the entire production of the album, from songwriting to the choice of musicians, mixing and whatever else is involved, (wt advice from Ken Lim). Writing songs for the entire album alone takes awhile to accomplish. That's why it took a long time for his 2nd album to be out.

    I wonder if that was a choice he made or something that was thrown at them (both Hady and Taufik) by Hype Records. Anyway, I think its good tho that he got to learn the different aspects of producing an album.

    The song 'Angkasa' has an Indonesian pop rock sound/style. Wondering if that is the sound of the whole album. Not being a pop rock fan myself, I wld have preferred the album to be more pop wt lots of ballads .... but oh well, you cant always get what you want.

    BTW Summer, you mentioned that you talked to
    Taufik/Hady's manager. I know Min is looking after Taufik and Allison is Hady's manager.
    Do they share the same manager now?

  4. yeah i missed their english songs... but anyways any new stuff from them is always welcomed! :) they are no doubt our pride.

    oh summer do u know that Taufik's song Berserah which was sung by Hady at Asian Idol was originally in English in Taufik's earlier album? :) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5MfuU1otCGc

    he is a real talent :)

  5. KHN aahh you v discerning. Was talking to Min, but rather than explain like in super detail, just decided to say manager la. She does sometimes help take care of Hady, but yes for matters concerning him, Allison is his manager :)

    To anonymous above, good job picking that out :) hehehe.

  6. Thank you for the explanation Summerr. Wasnt trying to be discerning or anything. Really thought for a moment that Hady/Taufik are sharing a manager. (HYPE trying to cut cost?... ahem). Then I was wondering, how is Min going to be at 2 places when the boys are at different locations? Anyway, thanks again for the clarification. BTW, Love your blog and all the latest Idol updates.

  7. KHN :) meant discerning in a good way. Yea, Min already works herself ragged looking after one boy. Can't imagine her covering two bases when say both albums are at full steam! :) But she does great work - she's a very devoted manager.