Tuesday, November 3, 2009


Performance order and voting deets are out!

here we go....

Opening the show is ...

Lil Faizal Isa
"The Reason" by Hoobastank
Call 1900 112 1201 or sms '1' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Sylvia Ratonel
"Warwick Avenue" by Duffy
Call 1900 112 1202 or sms '2' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Sezairi Sezali
"Georgia On My Mind" by Jamie Foxx
Call 1900 112 1203 or sms '3' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Tabitha Nauser
"Summertime" by George Gershwin
Call 1900 112 1204 or sms '4' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Charles "Stitch" Wong
"Fly Away" by Corinne May
Call 1900 112 1205 or sms '5' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Mae Sta Maria
"Somewhere Over The Rainbow" by Katharine McPhee
Call 1900 112 1206 or sms '6' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

Lil Duane Ho
"Imagine" by John Lennon
Call 1900 112 1207 or sms '7' to IDOLS (43657).
Each call/sms costs 60 cents.

By the way, I love that Duane's closing the show with such a beautiful song, and I'm sure it will be a beautiful rendition simply because he'll be at his most comfortable - behind the piano. Looking forward to a great show....in about 22 hours from now :)

For the uninitiated...
IDOL DAY = Wednesday, 4th November
8pm Singapore Idol Performance Show
10pm Singapore Idol Results show
Voting lines open from 8pm - 10pm.

xoxo, s.

ps. so glad to be back where wifi is stable! But missing my Daddy already :(

pps. *gulp* suddenly hit me that by the end of tomorrow night, only 6 will be left :(


  1. Yeah! Time flies... From 13 to 7 and tomorrow 6 ): The stage looks kinda empty lol, and the roadshows don't really seem and feel as fun too!

    Btw, is Sylvia better now? Do send my regards to her. (:

  2. NO SURPRISES. *winkwink*

    Here's my prediction:
    SYLVIA or TABITHA (or even, Mae) will have the lowest number of votes.

    Eventually, one of them will get kicked out.

    However, they'll be using the Judges' Save on her since it can only be used till Top 5, and so nobody will be voted out tonight.

    This means that TWO contestants will have to be voted out the week after. I'm predicting its gonna be either Duane and Charles, or Duane and Mae.

    Top 4 will be Faizal, Tabitha, (Mae or Charles), Sylvia.

    My advanced Top 2 predictions:
    Tabitha and Sylvia (It's really obvious already)
    or (Tabitha and Faizal, less likely)

    Another random prediction:

    Everything's so rigged.
    You can actually notice how flawed their rigging attempts are.

    Imma put my bet on this one..All the best!!!!!!!

  3. At the way things are going, i agree with Joan. In fact, i do hope the top 2's tabitha and sylvia.

    However, i don't think 'rigged' is the apt word to use. probably 'optimal' or 'predictable' but 'rigged' might be too far-fetched.

  4. rigged? how is it rigged? optimal? predictable? how so? could you elaborate how this rigging or optimisation happens - would really like to know.
    the only thing I think you can count on so far is that duane and faizal seem to be invincible (never unsafe or bottom) - at this rate you'll be seeing a faizal and duane finale. not the most exciting, but thats what happens when no one cares about a show except for the idols own fans.
    mark my words faizal vs duane finals unless other fans do something about it.

  5. Hey Joan, grow up! When somethings are not going your way doesn't mean the show is rigged. This competition is not about what the judges say or do, if they have the power of course they are gonna choose a female winner coz this year the females are stronger. This competition is all about Voting to keep their favourites in. And yes if the judges are about to use their save, why not Tabitha or Sylvia as they are the two most deserving ones.