Wednesday, November 11, 2009

VOTE VOTE VOTE Spectacular 8!

Its 8pm and Spectacular 8 has begun!
More importantly, the lines are OPEN! So start voting NOW NOW NOW NOW! (voting deets & song list on the left side bar for quick ref!)

Vote for the contestant that YOU feel is the most appropriate to represent the country on a global platform... as Ken says aptly in this vid here...

I totally agree with what Ken says. Taufik will be performing for Obama when he visits. Which one of these Top 6 do you think will make us proud when something like this comes along again and the Idol will be Singapore's representative. Think Taufik for Obama, Hady for Asian Idol, the 'Singapore Girl' on an SIA flight....not Ris Low. (actually she wasn't all bad before the Shan & Rozz show, after that...aiyo, fame-whoring is so unglam <-- Ris is another topic for another day.)

Need a refresher, here's what happened last week (sorry, didn't have time to do a review, so I'm due two reviews after tonight :P)

And here are two vids (there shoulda been 6 but I ran outta time on Sunday, will ask the others the same question tonight after the show), here are Charles and Tabby on what winning Idol means to them...

Ok nuff blogging, time to get those fingers moving - and that means YOU too!

xoxo, s.

ps. Last week, during a break in the show, Wubby Matt asked me who I thought would be going home. Although I really didn't want it to be so, I had lost a lot of faith in Singapore's ability to vote 'correctly' so I said 'possibly Tabby or Sylvia'. In the end, Mae went home. If I were to be asked the same question tonight, my answer would be the same, until Singapore proves otherwise which I hope they will do. I don't wish any ill will towards the boys - its just that I want to see the girls progress further than this.

pps. To Sylvia and Tabby, its not that I don't have faith in you, I hope you both know that I believe you are both so very talented - its that I don't think enough people are voting for you(for a variety of reasons I shall not get into here at postscript). So stay strong girls, love you both and good luck for tonight!

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