Friday, November 20, 2009

The One Behind-The-Scenes

Naked Idol? NOT.
Before you jump to conclusions.... keep your crooked mind on the straight aiite! These are some behind-the-scenes pics from today's music video shoot courtesy of @siproducer and @izked. :)
Thanks you guys! I like totally missed the whole thing cos when I got there at 4 (thought the shoot was til 7pm), they were done - so efficient! Guess as the numbers dwindle, shoots move faster....*bittersweet*

Doesn't Tabby look awesome here? I seriously love her bangs!

I love how the Idols are bare shouldered, giving the illusion of 'naked-ness' but not in a bad way. I'm thinking since this Spectacular is about World AIDS Day, and the song they are singing is called 'As I Am' by Jack & Rai, its probably about 'accepting' people as they are, without the masks or makeup, or the stylish clothes .... the facades we so rely on on a daily basis to 'protect' ourselves. 'Stripped of facades' so to it.

Be 'blind' to colour? race? religion? Maybe thats what the blindfold is for. I have no idea , am just guessing. They look really good though. I was telling Iz, every Idol season should have a 'naked idol' shoot just cos there's something so simple and natural and beautiful about just focusing on their faces (shoulders up) and nothing else.

Check out this oldie but goodie trailer from Season 1. I was there at the shoot (sorry that I don't have pics, I'll have to go dig my archives for pics from that shoot), but it was just amazing and everyone looked so good. The trailer producer invested in a 'ring' light so that the Idols would be lit beautifully on cam. The inspiration for this trailer was of course MJ's Black Or White music video. We named the trailer 'Morph' back then because it was at the stage where the Idols were 'morphing' from Piano shows to the next big stage which was The Spectaculars.

Anyway, on to more BTS stuff, I mentioned by the time I got there, they had wrapped, but I did managed to get a clip of Charlie and Airi jamming impromptu on the piano, they're singing the song for the music video - 'As I Am' by Jack & Rai :)

Finally, I just got some pics from James (Channel 5 promo team) from the shoot they did earlier in the month for this week's trailer and print ad, here are the pics in a collage. Sorry, he didn't send any of Sylvia, but at least you can see what Faizal and Duane looked like for the shoot if they woulda made it thru :) Thanks JameseyJames for the pics!

thats it for now... am off to the White Rabbit for dinner - heard its awesome, my first time out with the girlfriends in ages!

Shall blog more tonight after Survivor (looks very exciting!)

xoxo, s.

ps. Oh the reason I dropped by today was to get snippets of the Idols' original songs - thank gawd Iz was super quick :) he's got them recorded, and promises to upload them to Youtube tonight - exciting! So keep a watch-out on his Youtube Channel tonight :)

pps. Just saw Izked's tweet - sleeq will be perfoming on next week's show AWESOME!!!!!!!! :)


  1. I thank god that Nurul, Malaque, Amira were booted in the earlier round, if not, they will have to do this kinda shoot. damn.

  2. oh no here come the holier-than-thou commenters - summerr don't let this become an issue. the squares out there will be complaining about the tube tops til kingdom come.
    I for one would have loved to see Malaque do this, cos she has such a gorgeous face.