Sunday, November 1, 2009

Idols Love LEGO :) + Recap + awesome Trailer

Missed the Idols' roadshow at Junction 8 yesterday - heard it was a huge blast! Am so envious of all the folks who went. I just saw the pics - all bright and cheery - posted up on Facebook :) So for those of you who haven't seen the pics here they are - thanks to May and James for putting them up so quickly.

Looks like everyone had a great time at the roadshow :) Can't believe we're down to just 7 (used to be 13! They've almost been halved!

The VERY Adorable Lil Trailer....
Here's the awesome cool trailer for next week's show, featuring Lil Charles, Lil Tabby, Lil Mae, Lil Faizal, Lil Duane, Lil 'Boomz' Sylvia and Lil Sezairi :) CHO CUTE! Kudos to OAP5 for another job well done on the Idol concept trailer!

Don't they all look adorable? So cute right? Don't you just wanna adopt them? For a look at the Idols behind-the-scenes on set, click to my post about the theme here.

And here's a quick recap of last week's performances and results.
Watching the recap I realised something - I had no idea Sylvia was so tall! Or that Malaque was so short! I always had this impression that the girls are all about the same height except for Tabby who's super tall, and Amira and Nurul who were petite. Anyway bygones.

Can't wait for next week! Love the song choices (click here for my post on the song list), looks like its poised to be another interesting show.

xoxo, s.


  1. hey summerr:) wads tabby's and malaque's ht?

  2. Tracey ! Can you put up download links of the songs the idols sang on stgae? like farhan's bad day, faizal's stop & stare. etc. if possible, so we can download it & keep our dail dose of idol going. thanks.

  3. hi BntGoesNothing
    sorry but i don't have any download links, whatevr I put up here on theblog is from youtube. if you have realplayer I think you can actually 'download' or record whatever you're watching online.

    hey but I've also heard from the grapevine that the telcos will soon be selling music from SI. I think Gurms is making teh announcement tomorrow night on the show - so lets watch out for that to get deets - then you can download the music on your phone :)

    hope this helps?

  4. Yeah ! Thanks,
    Actually they do,
    i bought farhan's bad day for $4 from Starhub GEE! Menu.
    hahaha, wth.