Friday, November 6, 2009

Episode 10 & 11 are up!

OMG, Nazamania is BACK...woot!!
And he's just uploaded episodes 10 and 11...namely Spectacular #4 'A Tribute To Michael Jackson' and Spectacular #5 'For Someone Special'. Spectacular #3 'An Asian Feast' is not up yet, but I'm hoping he'll put that up soon, along with Spectaculars 6 and 7.

So for those of you who have been in an online Idol draught, here you go...MJ Week and Someone Special...

Hope you enjoyed that, many many thanks to Nazamania for uploading the full episodes! Looking forward to more!

xoxo, s.


  1. summerr,will malaque be at the roadshow this saturday? please reply...

  2. Woot yay! XD Hope this week's show is uploaded quick since I missed it. :X

  3. Hi Anon1, not sure, will ask her if she's goin' :)

    to Anon2, looks like your wish came true ...


  4. Hi Anon 1...malaque mentioned on Wednesday that she would coming to the roadshow - so i guess she should be :) Fingers crossed nothing else comes up :) But knowing malaque, she should be there - she loves the LODIs and supports them like 100% - great girl!

  5. :( aww... malaque wasn't at the roadshow today..
    im soooo sad.. thot of getting her autograph and picture with her because it's my first time going to a roadshow as im currently having O level..and i really x3 want to meet her in person.. hmm..
    anyway,im the Anon 1..