Wednesday, November 11, 2009

10pm Next week's theme?

Its almost 10pm, lines will close in just 10 minutes....and if you're really on the ball, you'll already know what next week's theme is! :)

Its Spectacular 9 next week and YOU were asked to participate by suggesting songs for the Top 5 to sing. The winners of this contest will be announced on the Results Show (within the next half hour) so make sure you are AVAILABLE on Thursday and/or Friday for shoots if you WIN, cos you'll be needed for the Idols' profile shoot!

Congrats to the winners whoever you are ;) Lucky you, get to spend loads of time up close and personal with your Idol!

I've got an added request - to the winners - I'd like to do a video diary with you guys of the day you spent with your Idol - can? :) Will feature the vids on this blog! So I'll be in touch very soon!

If you didn't catch all that, next week's theme is You Asked For It - basically its viewers' choice. Check out my previous post to learn more.

As you've guessed, this is a scheduled post, cos I'm at the studio, probably gritting my teeth, and crushing whoever's hand I'm grasping or shoulder I'm grabbing! Tweets/twitpics here!

xoxo, s.


  1. summer,

    for next week, we can't know what the idols be singing?

  2. apparently its to remain a mystery...even I don't really know what they're singin'...i have a list of possibilities though - top secret - thats the way the producers wanna roll ....
    so lets just play along shall we? :)

  3. Awww =D i cant wait. hehs :) -pyro-