Friday, November 27, 2009

Sleeq @ Idol

Thank you Youtube for finally pullin' it together! Here are the three songs that Sleeq performed during the break at this week's Idol show. I'm sorry (and a little embarrassed) to say I don't know the names of the first two songs, but I'm sure all you Sleeq fans out there can help me out right :)(then I can re-label the vids!)

(cool pic courtesy of May Tan from the SI Official Facebook Group)

The 3rd song is of course the very popular 'Moviestar' which incidentally may be made into a music video! Woot!
Ok, nuff
(apologies for the low vid quality, lighting was bad and I didn't realise how pixelated it was until it got uploaded to Youtube, normally when lighting is sufficient its okay.)

Hope you enjoyed that - keep supporting local talents like Sleeq, I'm still blown away that they do all their writing, producing, recording AND publishing on their own! Huge props to the boys!

xoxo, s.


  1. i think the first is Ain't About Later.. but i'm guessing the second song is some sort of remix version of Rfck My World by Michael Jackson?? not too sure..

    thanks for the vids tho! (:

  2. the 1 song is ain't abt later...

  3. Thanks ppl! Have updated the 1st vid. aiyo, i'm so silly, i should just text Syarif rite? tsk! *kok*

  4. Have you got the second song?

  5. Actually no, it has bits of MJ's Rock My World in it. Have to admit, I'm not familiar with that MJ song. :P I asked Syarif on twitter, but typed Rock With You instead! *kok* so din get a straight answer...hahah shall tweet aggain..