Thursday, November 5, 2009

Killing Me Softly - Song List

Major helping hand? Or Major 'Sabo' up ahead?

Next week's theme as you already know if you've been following my tweets, is called 'Killing Me Softly'. The Top 6 get to choose songs for each other to sing, so its ripe for sabotage, know la, your Top 6 lurve each other so much, I doubt there's much sabo-ing going on - they're like one big happy Brady Bunch family...practically 'scandal-free' and PG-13 now....*yawn* (pardon me, just sleepy cos its 2.30am, not cos they are boring...)

Anyway, here's how it went, right after the show, the Top 6 each took turns to pick out an envelope that had the name of the person who would pick the song for them. Here are some pics....

And here's who picked whom....

Sezairi picked Faizal (so Faizal will be choosing a song for Airi to sing)
Charles picked Sezairi
Tabitha picked Charles
Sylvia picked Tabitha
Duane picked Sylvia
Faizal got Duane by default :)

And finally, here's what each of them will be singing for next week....(in no particular order)

chosen by Faizal - because they've (the Idols) all heard Airi sing this song on many occasions with his guitar, and they all love it!
'What Goes Around Comes Around' by Justin Timberlake
- I think, good choice :)

chosen by Sezairi
'Insomnia' by Craig David
- I think if Charles does this with just a guitar, an accoustic version, may just come out quite nicely. But with a backing track, it could just overwhelm him and turn out to be a 'sabo' choice in the end.

chosen by Charles
'Ain't No Other Man' by Christina Aguilera
- Not what I would have chosen for Tabby cos I'm not keen to hear her sing another 'diva' type song. But then again, the song does suit her voice. Will just have to wait and see at vocal training.

chosen by Tabitha
'Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow' by Amy Winehouse
- Sorry folks, couldn't find a music video for the song, so this will have to do. But Amy's version is very soulful, and I think Sylvia can pull this off. Very nice song choice. Good job Tabby!

chosen by Sylvia
'Papparazzi' by Lady Gaga

chosen by Duane
'Always Be My Baby' by Mariah Carey
- I certainly hope Faizal chooses to do the David Cook version which is more er...manly :) Then again, Faizal may have his own unique take on the song - which is good - time to showcase some artistry and put silence those naysayers!

Well, thats it from me for tonight - cannot tahan anymore..3.30am...will post up the exit interviews etc tomorrow....

nite all!

xoxo, s.


  1. Hey trace.. Just to ask, will duane be singing the original version for paparazzi? Cuz by the way i look at it dosen't seem like a safe song to sing for him though. Lol.

  2. Hope charles does his youtube version of Insomnia! :D

  3. woots! its gonna be a killer next week! cant wait !

  4. hey limedrops - he'll be singing a Lady gaga version if thats what you're asking? the piano version. Accompanying himself on the piano.

    xh most likely he will. he's got it down pat :)

  5. erms,i'll like to ask.. will malaque be at the roadshow this saturday? i really miss her:(

  6. oh great... cuz if duane does the original version of the song like the videp you uploaded in this post, then i don't know how is he gonna pull that off. I love duane's acoustic side of him. :D

  7. Charles's Insomnia .

    If Only There Was A Tabby Kind Of Version ! :D