Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Song List for 'You Asked For It' FINALLY!

Its just before 9pm, you SHOULD be watching the last of your Top 5 perform right now.

Here's what they sang tonight (and the vids of the original songs).

"Beautiful Soul" by Jesse McCartney
- this song totally puts him in 'heartthrob' mode :)

"The Climb" by Miley Cyrus
- Not a bad song choice, lyrics are meaningful. Tabby's voice isn't like Miley's, but they are both powerful, so hope Tabby did good. Iz watched her at rehearsals and said she was awesome!

"Cry" by Mandy Moore
- I love this song (and the movie - wahlao cried til my eyes were bengkak) but I love Sylvia's version of this song EVEN MORE! While Mandy's version was fairly light, Sylvia's version has got so much more soul.

"Wherever You Will Go" by The Calling
- This song always reminds me of Smallville (its on the soundtrack) and I love that show, and this song too. Since Charles sang it with just his guitar, I'm sure it was wonderful (this is a scheduled post).

"Virtual Insanity" by Jamiroquai
- Very interesting song suggestion/choice. The song is laidback and cool, but not easy to sing. I hope Airi pulled it off. Not easy to emulate or re-interpret the great JayKay.

Hope you enjoyed the show. Come back at 10pm to find out what next week's theme is. You have just under an hour to VOTE - so keep VOTING!!!!!

xoxo, s.

ps. Am backstage right now with the LODIs, so follow my tweets/twitpics for live updates :)


  1. dear summerr, i am very dissapointed in u, u gave away faizal song choice but the rest :(

  2. All the contestants try their bestttt! Sylvia and Sezairi sounded really goooood though (=

  3. that guy who chose song for sezairi, he semmed to "sound" like the lilliput from the idol forum!!!! hehehehe
    what a fake.....

  4. oh anon. at least have the balls to bring your attack to the SI forum. this is summerr's blog and your petty conspiracies are none of her or her readers' concern. And what in the world did that guy do to deserve your scorn (other than choose a great song for Sezairi which probably caused overshadowing of your favourite and made you feel all unhappy and stuff. boo hoo.)

    -- the fake

  5. i think u got tabitha's song music video and sylvia's song all messed up...pls can u edit it if u can?

  6. Hi Jean, thanks, you're right! Shall edit it!

    And to the disappointed anon, sorry you felt I gave it away - am wondering why you feel that way tho, cos you wouldn't know that til you saw the show, and if you weren't sure or din know til the show aired, then I didnt give it away...right? :) I was very careful to not confirm any one song, even if it was something they picked ultimately when i was filming him singing the song, he hadn't decided on it yet, which was why he was 'trying out' the song with Justin.