Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love these World Aids Day Idol trailers....

"We Could Do With A Little Bit More Love"...
How true dat. How very true. Well said Airi, and Tabby and Charles and Sylvia. :) Watching these trailers I just want so much to give them all a big hug and tell them what a great job their doing and what a wonderful gesture it is to be writing a song from the heart to help spread the message about love and reduce the stigma surrounding HIV and AIDS.


The second trailer gives me goosebumps - the good kind - again, kudos to Valren, Chris and the OAP team at 5 for another wonderful set of trailers for Idol :) Even in plain white tees and no colour, they look awesome!

My one hope for this week, since we are commemorating a good cause (World AIDS Day, in case you've been in Timbuktu or just blur), is that everyone set aside their warring and show everyone some love. Lets fill that whole damn theatre and everyone's homes with Love.

Let's not be hatin' on one another. Doesn't matter whose fans you are, which Idol you support, whether you want a girl or a boy Idol or hate the judges ....whatever! Zip, Nada, Zero, Kosong hatred this week. Lets be supportive, positive, and listen to the messages the Idols are putting across this week.

The Cause is bigger than us. In most cases, ignorance is bliss, but when it comes to disease, ignorance breeds fear and contempt. Lets get educated - the Idol way - via music and the heartfelt songs these four talented individuals have written and will perform for us :)

Go Tabby, Sezairi, Sylvia and Charles! Much love, miss u guys, see you soon...
A big shout out too to Nurul, Amira, Farhan, Faizal, Duane and Malaque who will be coming back tomorrow night to help support the cause too with a few group performances - can't wait to see them all back together again yippeee!

xoxo, s.

ps. I will definitely be joining the Final 4 as they sing their 'Song(s) For A Cause'... will you?

pps. Finally found some time to blog - been super busy the last coupla days - and was gonna update on the roadshow, then I watched these and just HAD to get it out there!


  1. All the best guys! I miss y'all.. Wish I was there! HIV/AIDS awareness is one of the biggest causes that I support as well. I'm sure you guys will do your best. :)

    PS: For more information about the disease, do check out http://www.afa.org.sg/


  3. Is Faizal going to be present tomorrow night?

  4. Yes Faizal will be at the show tomorrow night - he will be performing during the Results Show - 2 numbers!

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