Thursday, November 19, 2009

Updates on Song For A Cause

Updates on Spectacular 10....
Firstly, aren't you just lovin' this poster? I am. The Top 4 are dressed so simple, I love it. (click to enlarge)

Next order of business...
Tabby's cover song is no longer Adam Lambert's version of 'No Boundaries'. Tabby will be singing Carrie Underwood's version of the George Michael classic 'Praying For Time' instead. (Aw shucks, I'm a Glambert fan and was looking forward to hearing Tabby's version of that song.)
Anyway, this is still a great song choice though - very very appropriate for the theme, and if Tabby emotes the way Carrie does (see vid) on Idol Gives Back, its in the bag y'all!

While I was searching for the Carrie Underwood vid, I chanced upon Idol Alum (Season1) Daphne Khoo's own accoustic version of the song :). Its a nice, refreshing, quiet take on the same song, yet raw and still full of emotion. I like it - Daphney miss ya!

Last piece of order...
I've just found out that your Top 4 will be singing like SO MANY songs for next week's Results Show! (click on the links for vids of the songs and info on the guest artistes)

Here's the Idol song list for the Results Show.
1. Green Day's 'Good Riddance' - Top 4 only
2. The Temptations' 'My Girl' - Top 4 with Idol Alum

3. Coldplay's 'Viva La Vida' - Top 4 with Nathan Hartono (or maybe its the other way around?)

4. 'How To Save A Life' - Idol Alum

Plus a performance from Jack & Rai too.

That's it for Idol updates! Your Top 4 will be at Caldecott Hill all day tomorrow (call time 7am!) filming a music video for the Health Promotion Board, for next week's show.

Don't forget to catch them at their two roadshows this Saturday, deets on the Idol Stalker banner on the left sidebar.

xoxo, s.


  1. Who's Nathan Hartono, lol?

  2. haha hes a pretty famous singer whos in ACJC. He sang for AYOG

  3. I got an info from the 'inside' people that during the rehearsals, they played the song that the eliminated contestant would sing. Last wednesday, they played I'm yours and faizal was eliminated. The week before, Duane's song was being played during the rehearsal.

    Please don't cheat our money. We are voting because we want our idol to win and not wanting the winner whom the producer/judges wants. If Tabitha/Sylvia(which is very likely because they have been overrated to win this) win the competition, I think it is all so clear that the competition is rigged. I really don't think Tabitha/Sylvia has a huge fanbase who votes for them as for now. Just look at Taufik/Hady, they rarely were in the bottom votes category and that was why them winning idol was justified. (They have a very consistent voting).

    Don't tell me that for people who has a very inconsistent voting would win the idol unless she really UPPED her performance in that week, that people will go WOW and vote casually. But, as far as I am consent, Tabitha especially has not WOW me just yet. Sorry Tabitha's fan.

    I think Singapore idol is just about trying to tell the world that KEN LIM is right. Whatever he said is right. He wants Sylvia to be in top 10 then top 4, she did. Ken Lim once said that he wants to see Sylvia AND Tabitha to be in the Final.

    We shall see if that will happen which I really think it will.

    I don't understand why Singapore idol is about what Ken Lim and the judges want and not about what Singapore wants. So are the judges OR fans who will make their career successful? The elimination of the contestant sure has got to do with the comment the judges gave. It has become too predictable and you cannot blame that MANY people here do think that the competition is rigged.

    Please don't ever use the judges save anymore since the judges have not used it till now. (I heard that it is going to be carry on after the top 5). We all know who is going to be saved alright. TOO PREDICTABLE.

    So, Sezairi and Charles fans, keep on voting for your idol if you don't want the already CONFIRMED winner to win the competiton. But then again, don't waste your money because we already know who will be in the TOP 2. Do I need to name them?

  4. vanessa loves vampire diariesNovember 20, 2009 at 6:13 PM

    Cynical much?
    the show's not about Ken Lim and the judges. If he had the power to decide, do you think he'd let people like Mae, Malaque, Nurul and Amira go home? I don't think so.

    btw, fyi, they play EVERYONE's exit song once over during rehearsals ... its called a SOUNDCHECK. And this info is coming from someone who works on the show...every week.

  5. To the anonymous who got an info from the "inside" people,
    you must be a family member of the ones who got eliminated or a family member of the remaining two guys. Stop being a loser an except the fact that the other Idol just didn't get enough votes that week and that is the only reason why they are voted out. So don't blame it on the girls if their fans are voting for them vigorously coz they wanna see them in the finals, Top 2, If you want to see Sezairi or Charles in Top 2 instead of assuming and shooting your mouth off start voting.

  6. Anon 3, sounds like sour grapes, are you by any chance a Faizal or Duane fan? Can't believe you've miscontrued a soundcheck in your twisted conspiracy theory to explain how Mediacorp has rigged Faizal's and Duane's exit. Utterly ridiculous. You must be like 12. HAHAHAH.