Tuesday, November 17, 2009

YOU ASKED FOR IT Spectacular 9 - Trailer!

Gossip Girl Singapore?
This is a screen grab from this week's trailer for Spectacular 9 : You Asked For It - looks like a cast pic for a hot new teen drama right?

Here's the trailer, doesn't everyone look awesome?

This is the trailer they were shooting when I went to see them at the Nov 7th trailer shoot. Check out my post and behind-the-scenes pics/vids.

Idol Scandals? (its been so quiet lately, I kinda miss Ben & Ryan)
On another note, in a recent post, we (ok, Tabby and me) highlighted that Faizal seems to have a crush on Sylvia. Scandalous not?
No laaaa.....we were just joking with Faizal, who, like the innocent sweet young boy he is, was so embarrassed he turned several shades of red (which can't really be seen on cam since Mediacorp makeup covers up everything on cam... while it eats away at your skin like a toxic cosmetic piranha). Anyway, I hope that clears the air....Faizal is NOT in love with Sylvia....he is in fact in love with.....Want another scandal? Check this pic out ....

These two keep claiming they're just good friends, Awesome Twosome (previously Awesome Foursome with Duane and Farhan) but we KNOW Faizal just has that little bit of extra thumpity-thump in the heart for Tabby right?


Aiya, keep your panties on!
Faizals heart thumps mostly for his fans - he really loves all you guys!
This pic is a screen grab from a cool vid that Iz did...check out Iz's post on the magazine covershoot for Selebriti here.

So how? gave you a heart attack not? Hehe, did I get you there? Did I? No right? Yea, didn't think you were that gullible :)

Happy Idol Day for tomorrow! :)

xoxo, s.

ps. Just so we're clear - Faizal is neither in love with Tabby nor Sylvia.

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