Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Next Week's Theme : A Song For A Cause

Its 10pm, lines are now closed.
Sigh. Heartbreak in about 20 minutes time.

Impending sadness aside, next week's theme is in honour of World Aids Day (December 1st). Spectacular 10 is aptly titled 'A Song For A Cause'.

(click on the collage to enlarge)

Your Top 4 (or possibly 5 if Judges use their 'save' tonight), have been tasked to do TWO songs next week (awesome right? We get to watch them each perform TWICE!). One song is a cover, something inspirational and appropriate for the theme, and the other song is....get this...something they've written especially for this theme :)

Cool or what?
I love original compositions, and judging by how well they all did during the song-writing stage at theatre auditions, this should yield some cool stuff. Excited already.

This has got to be a first in Idol history. Other countries have had songwriting challenges before at earlier stages, but not at Spectaculars I think (I'll double check this). So its cool for Singapore Idol to have a first :)

Ok, now you know what to expect next week, turn your attention back to the Results.

Tweets/twitpics LIVE from Studio here.

xoxo, s.


  1. The judges save SHOULD be used on SYLTRA or MAE ! !%@$@%*@%%&#@*&*^%! WASTED

  2. summerr, another dissapointment, at 10pm u gave away that faizal will be voted out ~ "HEARTBREAK IN ABOUT 20MINS" obviously it was meant for Faizal cauze the top 5 trailer mentioned that he is the idol HEARThrobe" what a giveaway n don't tell me its a coincidence!!!

  3. to the anon 2,
    you sure know how to read between the lines. TOO MUCH in fact. please la have some respect for the blogger can. your accusations are absolutely ridiculous, no offence.

  4. I think Ken Lim is dumb. How can ALL the credit goes to the fan when Sezairi was the one who sings the song. HAHAHA. WTH. That makes me laugh real bad. Doesn't he know that Sezairi has to pick and chose THE song out of the many many many song choices? He just HAS TO find something bad to say abot Sezairi because all he wants are the two girls for the FINALE. SO UNFAIR.

    and when the girls sing 'not so well', they blame the fan for the song.
    TELL ME. How can I not be mad?
    but ken lim comment was a real joke.

  5. to the anon no 3, is the anon no 2 writting to you?? im sure that summerr is very happy that we gave our opinion, she has mentioned it before ~ shes happy that we actually reads her blog!!!!

  6. can you please tell ken lim that it was sezairi who chose the song himself out of the many song choice..

    this is annoying.. really.

  7. LOL. Anon2 must be a true blue faizal fan.
    Sweetie, how could I possibly predict he'd be out when i wrote this post at like 3pm this afternoon? i was in studio, this is a scheduled post...votes hadnt even been cast yet...

    I swear if I could predict, I'd go out and by TOTO already...

    ps. I wrote HEARTBREAK cos any one of them leaving would break MY heart.

  8. Sezairi is a musician. He confirm can compose songs very well. Moreover, he can play the guitar well. Charles too. So it may be easier for them next week. Not sure about the ladies though. hopefully they'll pull through.

  9. wondering why they have this songwriting thing...I don't think they all had songwriting experience other than their theatre audition week. maybe singapore not enough songwriters, haha. that's why taufik and hady also have to write their own songs.

    but not complaining. this is interesting! never before seen, hmmm. I'm guessing ppl will advise them on songwriting and help the noobs. hopefully it'll all turn out fine. this is a real good chance for them to be the artist they want to be.