Saturday, November 14, 2009

Barrage of fans @ the Barrage

:) *sheepish grin*
Another lame header. I know. Must be the Gleek in me.
(sorry for the gazillion Glee references - am just so in love with that show right now. SO.In.Love.)

Ok back to Idol business.
It paid handsomely to be out on a field trip at the Marina Barrage yesterday. I'd say there were about 100 kids out at the Barrage today (flying kites and what not) and when the Idol team arrived for profile shoots - it was like Christmas come early. The word 'swarm' came to mind instantly. Bees to honey...Idol honey ;)

I'd decided to drop by on a whim, cos I knew my son would be preoccupied with the space, and that'd give me time to catch up with the Top 5, maybe interview the lucky fans who chose their songs, but I didn't expect the crowd. And neither did the producers :) But it all turned out goode. Suffice it to say I didnt get to do my interviews I snapped pics and twitpicced lor.

Cameras, phone cams, notebooks, coloured pens and big smiles were whipped out in a frenzy. Shoulda seen the throng of kids that rushed forward (imagine floodgates opening, or the doors to an MNG sale opening and the whoosh that ensues) and mobbed Tabby the minute director Gillian yelled 'Cut!' (they had been very kwai kwai (good) holding themselves back behind an imaginary line, keeping very obediently quiet while Tabby was being interviewed on cam).

Sylvia, Charles and Sezairi were sat beside the lift lobby awaiting their turns in front of the camera and were left on their own (lol, to fend for themselves amongst the fans). When I arrived, they were already surrounded neck deep in school uniforms, signing autographs and taking pics :)

Nice. Very nice.

Its times like these the Idols really 'feel the love'. And they need it, 'love' like this is what keeps them going through the exhausting schedules, endless interviews, negative comments and broken spirits.

So I'd just like to say a big thank you (on their behalf too) to all the lovely fans for showering them with so much love and attention yesterday (and always).

Keep the love comin' at the roadshow today (Saturday), 5pm @ Ang Mo Kio Hub. *big apologies to Dan & Young who had checked my blog and announced the roadshow to be at 2pm - sorry was given the wrong info the night before and hadn't double-checked it *piak* my bad - sorry Dan & Young!*

Plus, the Idols will be comin' to your school -
Monday :
- Temasek Poly @ 12.20pm
- Nanyang Poly @ 1.45pm.
So look out for them and show 'em your love there too!

ok, gotta go - 3.20am...time to gleek myself to sleep :)

xoxo, s.

ps. What were the Idols up to whence the fan-lovin' died down?
Charles sat down to try and write a song. Airi did random things like ride the crew's flatbed trolley to and fro - he stopped immediately and pretended to admire the view when he caught Clarabelle (the show's writer) and I staring at him. Sylvia went to eat. Tabby yakked on the phone. And Faizal went to 7-Eleven with Producer Eugene to grab makan and drinks for everyone - how sweet is that? :) All in an Idol-day's work!


  1. The Idols are going to NYP and TP this coming monday?

    It's like so sudden, no one mention about it
    How long will they be there for?

    How about other polys?

  2. How come the time slot for idols to come TP is so short? :(((

  3. idols coming to my sch, nyp. this is cool u guys..=D

  4. theyre coming for tprawks and it isnt open to all students, only rawkers

    theyll only be at tp for an hour

  5. Looks like only Sylvia has the legitimate quality of a good would be a joke if she dont win...she is a pro

  6. Sylvia is the best singer among this bunch of wannabes

  7. Hi guys,
    as far as I know the scheduled stops are only at TP and NYP. Perhaps other polys at another day/time?
    Will keep you all updated if I hear anything else.

  8. Hi James, very unfortunately the truth is - most girls seem to do the voting and they vote for the guys who can't sing well. Hope you and your friends also vote for Sylvia - and change the situation. Otherwise, Singapore Idol will be unwatchable - and I don't think the franchise should substain. It has been unfair that guys always win a talent competition in Singapore. I think Singaporean sexually motivated girls need to WAKE up and be objective instead of voting for looks.