Thursday, November 26, 2009

Quickie Update : on like everything lah!

Quickie post!
Sorry, just a quickie one cos its a rather busy day for me at home, just a coupla things to address - housekeeping on a number of things that have cropped up!

1. Charles in an accident!!
At about 12noon today I received a tweet on my phone from @siproducer saying 'I hope Charles is ok'. Like a few seconds later I got @izked's tweet saying 'Oh no! Charles got involved in a car accident!'. I gasped so loud, the people around me at ion Orchard (I was with my son) all started staring at me, almost dropped my ribena packet, so I called Izked straightaway to see what happened.
Iz reported he's ok (THANK GAWD!) ... he was on his way to Ann Hussein's (the Top 4 were expected there for this week's music video vocals) and got sandwiched on the PIE. Luckily he's alright! Phew!
So everyone - breathe.....

2. Getting Idol tickets
From what I understand, Idol tickets are given away every Thursday (for the following week's show) at 6pm at MediaCorp Reception. Each Idol is also allocated tickets for their fans, so they will usually put up a Facebook post on their respective fanpages about the tickets.

3. Sleeq's performance vids
Aiyo I'm so sorry. I was up til like 4plus and youtube was still 'processing' the vid which I had uploaded like 3 hours before at 1am. Sigh. Will be trying again tonight..sorry @syarifsleeq and @iamalyph :(

4. Where the Idols at?
Tonight ladies and germs, your Top.. I dunno how many (I know Duane and Farhan are going), will be at the Twilight New Moon gala premiere at Shaw Centre (Lido theatres). Sigh, was so torn about giving up my ticket to join them (yes, producers were kind enough to include me this time round for the premiere-so sweet right?!- but I got mommy duties :) Plus my fave cuz is in town :) Will save New Moon for after I read the book.

5. Celebrate 2010
Your Top 13 will be performing at this year's Countdown party and its called Celebrate 2010. Find out the details and join the facebook group to get updates and behind-the-scenes stuff as we get closer to the show - rehearsals etc should be starting next month - so even MORE Idol stuff to look forward to after the Indoor Stadium finale on Dec27!

Ok, thats my quickie are some more behind the scenes pics from the Step Up & Dance trailer shoot courtesy of JameseyJames :)

Best buds and neighbours...Awesome twosome Duane and Faizal.

Channeling Beyonce, Duane was the choreographer for all the 'Single Ladies' dancemoves :) You go Russell Fierce! *snap!* Chiiiillldddd!

Super hip hop - check out Tabby's outfit! Top 6 having fun on set :)

More BTS pics of the shoot have been uploaded to the Facebook page...:) check it out!

More later tonight! (grrr, while I wait for Youtube to sort itself out)

xoxo, s.


  1. any idea how to get grand finale tix?

  2. nope, not yet. According to the facebook page, 'deets comin' soon'. :) Will letcha'll know as soon as i find out :)