Thursday, November 26, 2009

Idol out : NO ONE! Woot!

Surprised? Expected?
I was vascillating between both actually.
I kinda 'expected' it to happen based on American Idol's track record. When they did Idol Gives Back, which is a similar themed show, charity, uplifting, positive stuff, they too sprang the whole 'no one's going home' deal at the end of the show.

But somehow, watching Gurms go through the motions and put Charlie in the bottom half, then send Airi to safety, then Sylvia to safety.... I thought OMG, maybe I 'predicted' wrong, maybe there IS gonna be someone going home tonight...heart started to do a thumpa-thump-thump there.

Anyway, its all goode. I'm happy that its non-elim. I saw some facebook posts and not everyone was happy bunny bout it. Many were also confused by what this whole non-elim thing means.

Let me try and clarify it to the best of my knowledge (@siproducer, feel free to jump in via comment box if I trip on anything)...

1. Tonight is a non-elimination round, which means no one gets sent home. (y'know, like in Amazing Race! Duh, stating the obvious there...)

2. All the votes received tonight will be snowballed to next week. Which means you add this week's votes to next week's and the person going home will be based on the TOTAL lowest votes received over tonight's and next week's shows.

3. Judges Save - ok, this one a bit iffy - as far as I know, Judges Save is no longer in play cos it only goes up to Top 5. I've not heard anymore buzz about it being extended for use. So lets just fuggedaboutit - old news.

4. Whose votes were lower, Tabby or Charlie? NO IDEA LA. Gurms din say waaat. But suffice it to say, both of them are your Bottom 2. So if you don't want them to remain there, next week, between 8pm and 10pm, better sms faster and more frequently to keep them in the game. Saying that, Sylvia and Sezairi fans, don't be jumpin' for joy so soon - complacency has killed many an Idol dream. Jeassea Thyidor - classic case imo.

5. So is it confirmed that Sezairi and Sylvia are in the Top 3? Please refer to the above points. They are no way guaranteed a spot in the Top 3 as of now, cos there is still more voting to come. You need to add next week's votes to this week's votes. The Idols will then be ranked accordingly once all votes are in at the end of next week's show - and then you'll know who your Top 3 are.

OMG. Top 3. Next week. Mind boggling. Seems like just yesterday it was 24 of them! And then 13! We're seriously just a month away from sitting in Indoor Stadium. Geez...

*snapping out of the daydream* <-technically still night dream since its 2am!

Ok, back to the post - hope those points above clarify where we are right now. Next post, more deets on Step Up & Dance! :)

In the meantime, I managed to catch Airi and Sylvia for a quick interview about how the felt regarding the whole non-elimination

Sorry I didn't manage to catch Tabby and Charlie. The former was yakking thru the toilet door, thought I had it down, but the sound quality is so blur, won't bother uploading it to YouTube. The latter went missing super fast after the show - didn't see him again until I got out to recep where he was bein' mobbed by fans.

xoxo, s.

ps. For a look at some amazing pics taken by the in-house team of paparazzos, go to the Official Singapore Idol Facebook Group.

pps. To the fan who requested to hear Faizal's original song, sorry but I have not seen him at all since last week, will endeavour to catch him for it whenever I can ok? Sorry!


  1. its juz Mediacorp's way of making more money from those voters who dun mind spending alot for their idols.

  2. the blog owner tracy?or what?...............anyway how is charles ,is he alright?i heard that he is involved in a car accident...

  3. There are some of us voters who have put aside a certain amount of money to vote and keep our favourites in. In this economic downturn, every cent counts. With this non elimination nonsense, we have to fork out extra cash to keep our fave in for another week. It's hard on the pocket but we have committed ourselves this far to keep our fave in the competition so as to make their dream come true to become the next Sg Idol.

    Perhaps SI producer should invite Kris Allen as guest artist and get him to perform "Heartless", specially dedicated to Mediacorp and all peeps at Sg Idol.

  4. @ anon #1, has Tabby or Charles done anything to offend you? They have worked so hard to come all their way to Top 4 and also did their best last night. What makes you think most people don't want Tabby as their idol? Has she done anything wrong? At least she is the most sincere contestant who just tells all. Her composition sounded the most original afterall. She even gave a captivating rendition of "praying for time". Get your facts straight b4 you spew your nonsense. The more votes one contestant get does not mean he/she is the most popular - since one person is allowed to vote non-stop until the lines closed, this does not represent the voices from the majority of Singapore don't even watch or care about Singapore Idol.

  5. Hey Anonymous #1, u sound like you're so jealous of Tabby after you heard the judges praising her. Perhaps you can't sing like her and also don't have 1/4 of her looks.....hahaha

  6. hey summerr .
    could you post the video of Nathan Hartono and the Idols with Viva La Vida ?
    thanks !
    much <3

  7. what abt the sleeq performance??

  8. To Anon #1, Singaporeans like you disgusts me by your comment. What makes you think WE don't want Tabitha as our Idol? I guess her age was the only disadvantage that have put obstacles against her chance of winning. Based on last night's performances, one of the guys should get the boot. She has many fans but almost everyone of them have been financially unable to vote more for her, the bulk of her fans come from teenagers and kids who are desperate to vote for her; each of them can only manage to vote one or two times. I think it pleases you to say such things not in favour of her, you are of course entitled to dislike her but your comment only reflects how ugly you are as a person in appearance and character.

  9. What does Sylvia mean she's so happy she made it to the top 2 when she hasn't even made it to the top 3??

    Isn't it weird she made such an assumption on the video, unless she got her info straight from the producers..

    Doesn't that make you think?? hhmmhm.

  10. I think all 4 contestants r talented in their own ways. Since this week's votes can be snowballed into the next round, I don't see how it's unfair. We may nt be fans of Tabby, lets not deny that she did great last night, her version of praying for time was a very convincing surprise. We should be objective to give her the credit when due. In such a competition about votes that allows everyone to vote endlessly within the voting window, we can also jolly well say it's unfair for Sylvia and Sezairi to be given places in top 3. If we cannot afford to vote more for our idol, he or she has to go but this does not mean he or she is not liked.


    The producers wanted to 'SAVE' her hence they broke the news stating that this week elimination would be cancel.

    They had it all planned and they knew that Tabitha should win S.Idol which is why they decided to unleash their despicable methods to 'win' her over.

    Everything is all SO staged,scripted,manipulated,fake,unoriginal and crappy.

  12. agree with the anonymous above my comment

  13. to the anon who said sylvia made it to top 2..

    thats not what she meant. she was talking about yesterdays results. and she said she didnt know if she got into top 2 and by that she meant top 2 for THAT NIGHT'S result. so ya.

  14. cos i guess she wasnt rly sure if she and sezairi rly got the highest number of votes(top 2 amt of votes) last night.

  15. To the anon who highlighted in CAPITAL LETTERS, your grandfather told you so is it? C'mon people it is so obvious how the other idol fans envy her so much that they have to come up with such assumption.

  16. lol which anon. so many anons typed in caps. lol

  17. I guess the one who started off like this,

  18. If tabitha wins the competition, let's boycott Singapore Idol for good. It has become way too annoying. Using STUPID methods/ways to make TABITHA win.

  19. If Sylvia, Sezairi or Charles wins this competition, let's BOYCOTT Singapore Idol for good. Lol

  20. All of u should just zip it and keep your ugly comments to yourself


    Why makes such baseless assumption that Tabitha had the least number of votes? Why can't be Charles? Why don't you ask Mediacorp before you made that assumption?

    Oddly you sounded the same as anon1 lol. Seriously you need to get a life. Why wasting your life hating Tabitha? Does she owe you anything LOL =)

  22. haha. anyway, why hate tabitha? i thought she got lots of supporters? check her out her facebook. she has the most supporters now. haha. see the amount of fans she's got with her. im sure many people will vote her. anyway, WE'RE NOT SURE YET IF SHE AND CHARLES IS THE BOTTOM TWO. it might be sezairi or sylvia too. so yeah. just get over it people and move on to the next week.