Monday, November 16, 2009

Idol fans rock! AMK Roadshow

Welcome to the REAL Moshpit!
As the number of Idols dwindle, the number of fans and volume of screams at roadshows just keep goin' up. Last week's roadshow at Jurong Point was enough to keep your ears ringing for a good half hour after.

Seriously, the moshpit at the show is no mosh compared to this!

This weekend's roadshow at AMK Hub was no different. It started out fairly well-behaved. The audience were obediently sat on the floor, so everyone got a good look at the stage. But by the time the Idols had to leave, everyone was up on their feet and pushing forward.

I was quite worried about one of the barricades collapsing because people were pushing so hard, and right in front were some really young fans. Pushing was usually hardest wherever Faizal was *wink* - looks like we know who our Idol heartthrob is this season :)

But thats not to say the other 4 weren't getting the screams - they all were...check out the following vids.....

Here's Tabby telling us what they've been up to on Saturday....

Next up, just before heading out to 'play some games' with the audience, we find out that Faizal has a crush on Sylvia! Eeeeek! ;) - so cute!

Host Daniel Ong gets some lucky young fans out of the audience and up on stage to play a lil' math game with the Idols :) Lucky kids! Check out the cute lil boy in yellow who's more concerned about collecting autographs from his beloved idols than actually listening to Dan :) so cute! (he was literally trembling ...with excitement I hope!)

And this one was shot on our way out. It took the Idols ages to actually leave because they were so busy signing autographs and taking pics. Lots of luvvin' from the fans :) nice one you guys!

Well its now Monday, remember there ain't no 987FM interview this morning. The Idols are reporting straight to their covershoot with Selebriti magazine. Iz will be with them, so look out for his twitpics/tweets.

Right after their shoot, they'll be headed (all dolled up and dressed to the max) to Temasek Polytechnic for TPrawks! at 12noon, followed by a visit to Nanyang Polytechnic at

Thereafter its back to MediaCorp for wardrobe and imaging for this week's Spectacular - You Asked For It! Hope to catch the Idols tomorrow either at this session or later at their Choreo session :)

Group song this week : "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas! Woot!

"I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good good niiiight wooo hoooo...."

xoxo, s.

ps. Loads more pics of the roadshow at the Official Singapore Idol Facebook page. Check it out!

pps. If you don't know the BEP song...(tsk!) you go...vid reference...


  1. errrr ur blog seems very biased against sylvia. why do u keep trying to sabotage her votes by keep decreasing her popularity

  2. Hey what do you mean summerr luvs Sylvia more than any of the idols out there okay, c'mon now. In what way is he sabotaging her her votes huh?

  3. Wow Farhan look out Faizal is making a move on Tabby!
    You know what, they look cute together. Hahaha

  4. it will be sad if faizal wins

  5. Sezairi seems to be Summerr's favourite. Some people can say "vote for talent" but do another thing. Singapore is gaining the reputation as a Country which has the MOST sexually motivated girls who vote for only guys - when come to talent shows. The producers need to do something to change the voting system - to bring back the passion and interest to the show. In fact, SI has lost so many viewers since its 2nd season.

  6. ? sabotaging Sylvia? LOL. Ok, I'd really like to know how I'm doing that. I am totally in awe of her voice. Have you not seen the vids I've put up of her?
    Oh wait, maybe you're talking about my reviews where I say her she's like spaced out? yea, thats not sabotage, thats a REVIEW, and an honest one at that. And she knows it too cos I give her my feedback too in person.
    She did awesome though in the last two weeks. Super awesome.
    Anyway, just want to let you know I love SylSyl loads and wouldn't do anything to 'sabo' her. She's lucky to have a fan (i'm assuming that you are a fan) like you who looks out for her - make sure you vote so she gets to the Finals.

  7. hmm... i think what anon 1 was afraid of was that faizal's so called 'crush' on sylvia would lead to her losing some votes from the jealous fan girls you know? haha. but personally, i'm gonna assume that voters are way more mature than that. and anyway, i found the crush thing very cute. summerr! is there anything going on between them? cause i kinda thought faizal might have a thing for sylvia... just guessing though :)

    anyway guys, isnt it pretty evident that summerr likes sylvia a lot o.o idk it's true that summerr has said sylvia wasnt at her best but i think it's sort of true (i am a sylvia fan btw) BUT she has improved tremendously since and delivered two excellent performances which topped the night :) and to whoever reads this, VOTE FOR SYLVIA!!!

  8. hey summerr, thanks for the uploads, i enjoyed it so much 'cause at least we know whats going on behind the curtain and that the idols are actually like one loving normal friends who actually talk and jokes around with each other (not like some fans @#%&*ing) they're having fun with each other!!!!GET IT PEEPS!!!
    ~hope you will upload more im having fun too by watching them!!!hehehe

  9. would it be great if you could vote who you want to be out too? man.

  10. :) ohhh...geez...din know the crush thing was such a big deal...


    aiyo, everyone should just take a chill pill seriously. We need to lighten up and learn to laugh and not take everything so seriously.

    and sorry disappoint, but no faizal doesn't have a thing for sylvia, they're all like brothers and sisters.

    I'm glad you guys enjoy the vids. I'm no pro, so what i record is what you get straight off my phone :) no edits ahhaha.