Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Brand New Trailer Shoot

Top 6 - Thats more than halfway through!
Singapore has sent 7 of the top 13 home, so that means we're just over the halfway mark of the Spectaculars, and just over a month shy of the grand finale at the Indoor Stadium - cue echo-ey boom when I say 'Indoor Stadium' <-- cos that's how it sounds in my head when I say it - that performing space is a BIG DEAL.

What do you do when you get to the halfway mark? You cut brand new awesome trailers thats what! Everyone's look has changed over the last 7 weeks (more in fact, since the last trailer shoot was in September!) and I think so has their confidence and personality in front of the camera. These new trailer should reflect their newfound on-cam maturity. Even if it doesn't - haha, excuse to look glam as hell! :) Check out these pics (click to enlarge) and behind-the-scenes (very random!) vids I grabbed (I had about 2 hours with them :P) on Sunday.

The first person I meet on set right outside the studio is Sezairi, scarfing down some fried chicken :) I record this after he's wiped his teeth clean :)

Next up, Producer Jolene asks Tabby and Duane to show her around the set and explain what they are doing. Since most of the footage is usually edited into a 20sec vid for the show, I tagged along so you can see what was recorded in full NG glory with pauses and rubbish dialogue ;) - Farhair are you missing the Broom & Mop show now?

Here are some shots of Charlie and Airi doing their 'holiday' liners with a Channel 5 producer. Every year Channel 5 records tons of greetings with celebs for the holidays and it gets edited into lil 'Season's Greetings' promos that air during the holiday season.

Ok this is so random, I was talking to Airi about dunno what and then he just said, look at Tabby in the light - LOL!

This is the group shot for the trailer - have no idea what the concept is, but omg they all look so good!!!! Its like a cast shot for 'Melrose Place' or 'Gossip Girl' even! LURVE IT! Can't wait to see the end product!

Four brand new concept trailers were shot with all 6 Idols, each for an upcoming Spectacular theme. As usual, as the weeks pass, and someone gets eliminated, they will be edited out, or more appropriately, 'not-edited-into' the trailer. Sigh. Its tough even typing that. I don't want ANY of them to go :(

Anyway, hope you enjoyed whatever footage/pics I got. The shoot started early at 7am and ended at 9pm. I only got 2 hours with them in the afternoon (had prior commitments) so I only got to see wardrobe/shoot for 1 concept - however Producer Jolene was kind enough to let me peek at her cam and woot! there's a hip-hop concept *wink* that looks awesome. I quote Sezairi : "the girls looked DAMN HAWT man!" <-- lets hope they last long enough so we can see them in that outfit for whatever theme that was for! (or if I manage to sweet talk the promo producers enough - they'll give me some screen shots of the girls beforehand! *fingers crossed*)

Some other quotes from Airi and Charles who were drooling, oops, I mean 'talking' about the girls...
"Wahlao Trace, you missed it man! Tabby and Sylvia damn hawt man in that hip hop concept!"
"I was like looking at Sylvia and just ....*mouth open & pupils dilated*"
"She was wearing shorts and I've got this hotpants and legs fetish man!"

Your guess on who said what ... I'm not giving it away hehe.... both guys are attached! (oops, sorry boys, did I get you all into trouble? Hope not - cos I know your gfs are WAAAAY more secure than that right!)

On to the scheduled posts for tonight y'all!

xoxo, s.


  1. Hhahaha . Fun vids. It's sad that I won't be at Mediacorp tonight to watch it ! ):

  2. Someone told me that SEZAIRI has a girlfriend? true huh? hahaha.