Wednesday, November 25, 2009

9pm : Show's Over - Keep Voting!

Its 9pm.
The show's over, but you still have time to vote so keep those fingers busy.

Just an hour away, so much to look forward to....
Jack & Rai performing

Idol alums performing (Nurul, Malaque, Amira, Farhan, Duane, Faizal woot!) <--one won't be coming tho' :(

Nathan Hartono is performing with the Top 4

Top 4 will be performing with the Idol alums
(for full details, check out my previous post!)

So many performances, and all for a good cause! Oh, and PLUS that 'naked idol' music video to look forward to too!

Just.Cannot.Wait. :)

Seriously. Less than an hour to go - Keep voting and make sure you come back at 10pm. Voting deets on the left sidebar of this blog ;)

xoxo, s.

ps. Or you could stay glued to the comp and follow my twitpics/tweets ;)


  1. i thought that is faizal and amirah not going

  2. Hi, yes it turns out that TWO idols were missing, this 9pm post was a scheduled one which i wrote at about 5pm, so I didnt hear about the 2nd drop out til after ...sorry!

  3. oh i see...anyway,u did a really great job on blogging ...:)