Thursday, November 5, 2009

Idol out : Mae Sta Maria

Bye Bye Mae :*(

We're now down to the Top 6, and its made up of 4 boys and 2 girls. Just two weeks ago, the stakes were even - 4 girls and 4 boys. But in the last 4 weeks, we've seen a girl go home every week....from Nurul to Amira to Malaque and now Mae.

Tonight's bottom 2, were arguably the strongest performers of the night - Sylvia and Mae. Was it a case of too little too late? Did Sylvia's soulful rendition of Warwick Avenue give her a slight edge over Mae?

Was Mae's beautiful rendition of Somewhere Over The Rainbow not enough to put her through when she had been 'safe' for a few weeks in a row now.

I was surprised it was Mae leaving us tonight. In all honestly, I was more worried for Tabby and Sylvia, considering they were both in last week's bottom 3 with Malaque. When Matt (the wubby) asked me during a commercial break who I thought would be going home, I said if Singapore didn't vote more, it could be Tabby or Sylvia. It didn't even cross my mind Mae would be on the chopping block because she'd been safe for a few weeks now, I thought her fanbase had grown....

The newly minted Top 6 looking super glum as they say goodbye to their beloved 'ta jie' (big sister, or as Faizal says 'kakak'). They have known each other for barely 4 months and are like family.

And I suppose many of her fans are wondering why the judges didn't save her. Personally I think its because there are still a few more weeks left to go, and if the judges use their save tonight, whoever they save may still be ousted next week. I think the Judges will try to keep that save for the last girl standing or to keep a girl in the Top 4, whichever happens sooner. But thats my 'educated' guess...

Perhaps we shall leave that to the conspiracy theorists and concentrate on Mae's exit post for now....

Here's Mae's exit song....

And here's a short goodbye note I got from her as she left for wardrobe. For her exit interview with Idol TV, check out the Official Blog (sorry was at the balloting session for next week's theme, so I missed out recording it while Iz was interviewing!).

Finally, here's a lil note from Mae's mom, Aunty Sandra....

Doesn't Mae sound/look just like her? She's such a sweetheart, so supportive of her daughter. Mae's so lucky to have her and I'm sure she knows it. In fact, I think the Top 7 are so lucky to have such amazingly supportive parents who love them so dearly. Tonight's show was so full of love and encouragement - it was really really heartwarming to see.

Well, an upside to Mae's goin' home - she gets to see Mike who is missing her something fierce right Mike?

See you back in Singapore soon Mae! And drop that album of yours while its hot! You'll always be a star in my book....*big big hugs*

much love to Mae, Mike and Aunty Sandra (you rock!).....
xoxo, s.


  1. Well, I really am not surprised... this kind of thing happens always....

    1. Let's look at history... I mean the previous season...At this time in the competition....2 years ago, Matilda, Another seasoned powerhouse in the competition, got booted out too.

    2. But wait, this time, it's slightly different too, Mae too has they starlesque quality and she clearly has attracted quite a lot of fans...Guys and GIRLS alike

    3. But Again, it's not that Mae didn't have enough voters, but it's bcos other male contestants had so much more crazier fans

    4. Well, given that Tabby and Slyvia were in the bottom 3 last week, most of their voters would be worried, so they definitely realised that they needed to press more...and sadly...(I really hope not)...The people weren't that worried about Mae, since she rarely visited the bottom 3, except once...

    5. It is clear that the guy voters turned a deaf year to Mae singing...and got smitten by other not-so-important things...Since the girls cleary took the stage Yesterday nite...

    6. So I ask all of you...Do U Want SG IDOL competition to be another male-dominated season...or some monopoly of votes....well i'm not wrong...For the past 2 seasons...the guys cleared kicked out almost every single girl in the competition as we proceed on from the a Top

    7...and in the end, 1 sole girl stands out there in the Top 3, then, none of them will end up getting booted out and not securing a GF spot.

    8. So, Do u want another Grand Finals w/ 2 guys competiting?... Well, no offense to the guys...but I don't really want to see that to happen...Why don't we have a change....why not WE make it fair...a guy and a girl...OR TURN the Tables around-Tabby VS Sylvia...(which I think is quite impossible looking at the situation right now...)

    9. Well again... I have limited spending power...That's why I appealing to all voters out there...DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN

    "Vote for the BEST and nothing LESS" - Syltra Lee, Top 13

    - And choose someone that is GONNA ADD COLOUR AND SPICE to the music industry...Someone capable of topping the charts someday...

    *(Ok, I know this is too wordy...but I really have tons of words to say...)

  2. Mae, Don't worry, U LEFT ON A HIGH NOTE....(but you shouldn't even leave bcos of that...)

  3. Personally, I think Mae has been overhyped. Matilda and Gayle Nerva are in fact better. Apologies for my comment, but I am speaking the truth. Her rendition of "over the rainbow" was flat most of the time and her voice cracked while hitting the high notes - honestly quite grating and forgettable to listen to if you are listening to it on CD. Katherine McPhee's version is anytime much better and heartfelt, pleasing to the ears. But then again, Mae has been one of the most inconsistent female contestants - even some of the guys like Sezairi was in fact better even though he has a relatively weaker vocal.

  4. No... Sezair's vocals, actually, is quite strong among the guys.... there are much more not so good people out there... but I don't want to be like the others and pick out any of their names...

  5. To be straight to point, we don't want mediocre people... but contestants that are tip top and up to the mark...

    I know Sezairi has the edge and a really good sense of musicality... but so of the others... it's nothing inspiring at all