Friday, November 6, 2009

Love the new trailer!

Finger Pointing Idol style! :)
Check out this week's Idol concept trailer promoting next week's theme 'Killing Me Softly' :)

While you enjoy that, I gotta dash, gonna go kaypoh at the Idols' music video shoot happening right now...check out these awesome pics sent via twitpic by siproducer and Official Blogger Iz :) keep folllowing their tweets/twitpics and mine too once I get there! Ion now, fancy boutique digs Quincy Hotel next!

The idols ...surrounded by lingerie....LOL! Don't worry nothing hanky panky goin' on...its all kosher...your Top 6 are just shooting a music video for show sponsor Triumph :)

Its all goode rite boys? ;)

xoxo, s.

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