Monday, September 28, 2009

Idol Karma at F1 Rocks

Saturday was a super-packed day for the Idols.
Full vocal training session all morning, then off to makeup and hair for the afternoon Roadshow at Bukit Panjang Plaza.

I would only be able to catch up with them at the roadshow. Like previous roadshows, their fans came out to support their favourites.

That night, the Idols were slated to attend the F1 Rocks concert (Beyonce and Black Eyes Peas) as VIPs. They'd be walking the red carpet and mingling with the stars (woot!). Its all part and parcel of the Idol journey - they're now mini-celebs ...almost :)
(In Season 1, the Idols got to meet the American Idols at a U.S. Embassy party and got one-on-one time with Alicia Keys when she came to town!)

I had previously asked the Idol producers to get Iz and myself extra VIP passes so we could 'blog' about this momentus event, but we were told it wasn't possible. Both of us had actually bought tickets to the concert to hang with the Idols (this was waaay before the Idols were told they had VIP tickets!).

As luck would have it, Iz decided to give his ticket away to a cousin. And there I was, goin' in General Admission by myself pfft. Suffice it to say I campaigned a bit harder for the VIP :) One of the Producers dropped the bomb on me mid-roadshow, "Eh I only got one VIP pass, who's going - you or Official Blogger?"

Way to put me in a spot.... *bleah*

"Give it to Iz lor, he's Official Blogger, he has to go, or he sure will kena from readers wan," I wasn't sure whether I actually said it aloud until she said back to me, "OK, you tell him la."

I later found out (after I sent a text to the Executive Producer to thank him for the ticket) that the ticket was actually meant for me ... *double bleah*

Oh well, whats given is given, I don't believe in 'take-backs' low class and well,...just NOT done in my book. I meant it when I said Iz needs it more than I do, I could always find another angle right?

Of course I later got bombarded with "Oi you stupid or what, VIP leh, you're not getting paid, why you sayang the fella, should look out for yourself first bla di bla".

The only person who was really positive about it was Michael Sta - Mae's husband :) He said, "Its all good, at least we're here :)."

At the roadshow, Mike told me he was just gonna 'go find something to do' while Mae was at the concert, so I made a few calls (more like many calls to one person who claimed he had to sleep with someone to get me a ticket! tsk, drama much!) and managed to wrangle him a General Admission ticket :) yay!

I ended up going to the concert with him and my BFF Lainey.
We queued like FOREVER to get in and missed half of the BEP set. But what we DID get to see was...AWESOME! They are just so amazing. I was stuck behind two tall angmohs and next to a really old 'uncle' with his aunty wife, but still managed to see the Peas!

In the meantime, the Idols had already done the red carpet thing (pics courtesy Iz) and had met the Black Eyed Peas in person - apparently Fergie touched Sylvia - woot! - who was like on 7th Heaven! So lucky!

Mike, Lainey and I were screaming like no tomorrow. As far as I was concerned, as long as I got to hear Boom Boom Pow, Where Is The Love and I've Got A Feeling, I was set. And as karma would have it, I got to hear all three.

The second BEP was over, the 3 of us dashed off for some drinks, and because we were so far back (our feet didn't even touch grass cos we were so far back we were STILL at the bottom of the Sunrice building!), we were the first ones at the bar! Woot! No queue. Plus, got a prime chillin' spot on the grass. It was like we weren't even in Singapore! Karma was great :)

While we were relaxing and plotting our strategy to get to the stage area for Beyonce, Iz calls me and tells me we may actually be getting some VIP passes! Woot! Karma is striking again!

Half an hour later, Mike, Lainey and I were walking past the red carpet area and into the VIP enclave where the Idols were! I snapped a gorgeous red carpet pic of Mike with Mae (aw so cute!) and we were seriously like just 7 ft away from Reshmonu and Nadya Hutagalung. Some of the boys (and girls) were hyperventilating.

Everyone had a great time. It was nice to be hangin' with the Idols again who really know how to dance and scream up a storm! Check out the pics.

Mike & Mae on the red carpet - phwoar power couple!

Duane and Tabitha are hardcore Beyonce fans and they got all emo once it was over. They know every single lyric of every single song Beyonce sang. They were amazing, mid way through the show, all the Idols sang Irreplaceable together and all the VIPs turned to look cos they sang every single word so clearly!

I would also like to add, not only was Beyonce spectacular, the whole show from the amazing video screens (and the use of great and timely graphics and layouts), super cool lighting, perfect souund system (and it didn't mati like on Thursday) to my favourite element ---> spot on, amazing camera work and direction for the video walls. I was just so impressed by the whole production.

So what goes around DOES come around :)
  • Iz gave up his ticket for a young cousin who was a big Beyonce fan.
  • I gave up my ticket to Iz (and it will be his bday on Wed, so it was like a great bday gift for him!)
  • I got Mike a ticket when he didn't have one at all but wanted to go but couldn't afford to.
  • Mike, me and my friend Lainey got VIP tickets for the Beyonce part of the concert!
BONUS : Its Mae and Mike's wedding anniversary, so how awesome was it that they got to spend it together watching Beyonce from the VIP area at F1 Rocks? Happy Anniversary guys!

Karma works in mysterious ways doesn't it?
The downside - my feet still hurt from Saturday night :P

xoxo, s.

Speaking of one good turn deserving another - I just saw this vid posted by someone of Beyonce doing an unpublicised visit to a children's cancer ward at a local hospital here before her Sat night performance. How selfless and big-hearted is that? So MJ of her to do that - he used to do that a lot, go to hospitals unannounced to visit sick kids and sing to them! I'm so lovin' Beyonce - she's my new hero.


  1. Ah... so much fun!
    I'm glad you had such a great time

  2. I totally did Su Li! Its been a long time since I've had such an adrenaline rush <--which is sad! hahahah. Must endeavour to have more of such experiences cos life's too short to just be 'DOING' stuff.

  3. summerr, I just wanna say you're doing a great job on the blog. Even the Official Blogger copies your ideas! He wrote about karma too! Its so obvious sometimes that he copies your ideas cos your post comes out and a few hours later his post will come out looking like a bad copy of yours. Granted he spends more time with the Idols, but I wish he'd come up with his own angles.

  4. Yes, I agree, the official blogger IS a copycat. A bad one. I made a comment abt Ken's comment on a contestant in your blog, and there lo and behold I saw the same comment/interpretation in his post. What the .....!! No originality!

    His writing is STILL bad. Very Loorrr Sorrhhh... Long winded sentences that are just too tedious to read!

  5. ya lor, sum more say until like wah he so big liddat gif u n mike special vip tickets when actually u gave him your ticket. pls la, leech say leech la, just say thank you to summerr no need to pretend to b martyr.
    i only check that side for info u dun haf n usually i'm out in less than 10secs. nothing 2 read there.

  6. i think the above commentators are mean