Thursday, September 3, 2009

After The Show : Sittin' With The First 6

After the Show....
The Results Show was such a roller coaster ride. Thanks mostly to Gurmit who kept everyone in suspense at every point. "We'll find out....right after the break!" <-- oldest trick in the book but we, the audience, can't do anything about it right??

Everyone was emotionally spent right after. Amidst goodbye hugs, tears and promises to keep in touch, I managed to track down Uncle Ken (ok, more like I tailed him til I got a semblance of a quote).

All night our beloved Uncle Ken spouted what seemed to me to be some pretty cryptic comments at practically everyone. (I can't quote verbatim right now, I gotta watch the show back! I too excited Twitpiccing all the way to write his comments down, but I do remember thinking, gotta file his comments under 'Things that make you go hmmm?').

When I finally caught up with him, I asked him point blank, "Why so cryptic tonight?"

To which he simply replied, "Where got?"

After a little more nudging, he said, "Whatever I say makes sense, I'm trying to teach them something and I hope they listen."

So contestants, especially those that are through to the Top12, I hope you were listening and absorbing what Uncle Ken said.

One comment I kinda remember, was him telling Syltra that she can't keep using her agression. First thought was : "She aggressive meh?"

And he mentioned somewhere that Nurul resembled a cashier at (his new favourite store) 7-Eleven. To which the quick-on-her-feet-funny-one replied she used to work at a 7-Eleven, the Thomson Rd branch! (thats comedic timing you can't buy guys!)

Once the goombyes were done, the newly minted Idol finalists, went straight back to work. Call time was now. Estimated end time : 4am. (I left waaaaay before midnight, thats crazy long hours to be singing! Welcome to Idol Land guys!)

Producers ushered Tabby, Syltra, Malaque, Charles, MJ and Farhan were ushered right back to work at (not haunted by now, so late even the ghosts are asleep) Training School to prep for the upcoming Spectacular #1 Show, aired live on Wed, Sept 16.

The theme is Chart Toppers (which is like a free-for-all really, but when you have such a vast genre, its very very hard to pick the right song, and we all know how important song choice is right?!)

While taking turns to go in for key check and song selection, Izked the Official Blogger recorded some 'Thank You' vids..... thank you to Iz for filming (and sharing) while I was stoning in the corner bemoaning the loss of my Lumix (which my son broke earlier in the day!)....

Farhan, Farhan, Farhair. I cannot believe Jeric actually cut off a huge chunk of his hair last Friday - its like it all grew back (and more!) in the last few days. One of the producers commented "amazing, it grows back by the minute!"

Apparently when Farhan called his Mom to tell her that he'd made it through, the first thing she said was "Must go cut hair ah!" Way to go Mom!

He was actually still qute affected by Ken's comment that he shouldn't be in the Top 12 and that the spot should have gone to either Jannah or Nurul. He's determined to prove Uncle Ken wrong.

I love how he ends his video message with 'Lets go to McDonald's for shaker fries". So random, so Farhan, so sweet :) Just goes to show the friendships forged in Idol don't end when the journey does. Awwww....

Helllooooooo.....I am so attributing the blurness and sloooowwww speech to the late hour at which this was recorded and the fact that she has been on the go since god-only-knows what time that morning.

Tabby is classic Tabby in this video, a little random, but a lot sweet - who can resist that megawatt smile? That thank you speech is Academy Awards worthy :)

Anyway, the first thing I saw when I went back to Studio 1 (after chasing after Ken) was Farhan and Tabby coming off stage together and my first thought was, "Hah, the "couple" made it through!"

I said as much to them, to which they both scoffed nervously.

Much has been said in the media about these two pairing up. Are they or aren't they? I suggest you guys keep us guessing, its just so much more fun that way. Plus, who knows, some teeth whitening company may want you to endorse their products - both of you have whiter (and nicer) teeth than Sly!

The beatboxer is through and a little shell-shocked. He kept to himself mostly while Malaque, Syltra, Tabby and Farhan chatted amongst themselves (with Iz and I).

I asked him how he was feeling, whether he was happy. And he said, if he hadn't gotten through tonight, he would have been happy too because the Idol journey has been so stressful for him so far. But now that he's through, he's super happy, but is just so aware that the stress is going to be even worse after this.

He said of his performance, "Usually once I get on stage and start singing, the (scared) feeling goes away; tonight is the first time I've had the feeling throughout the whole performance."

I asked him what he was 'scared' of and what stressed him out. His reply, "The whole enormity of Idol. The whole Idol thing la."<-- I guess with the Idol brand name comes the pressure to live up to it.

Malaque was the last one the judges put through. It was down to her and Theodore in the final minutes of the Results show which Gurmit stretched into an excruciatingly suspenseful wait.

"My knees were soft!" <-- I wanted to say MY knees were soft!

One of the promo team's photographers had a still camera pointed at her during that moment and was chanting, "I believe in you, Malaque!" (obviously a fan), while Izked's face was white with anticipation, eyes transfixed on Gurmit.

I was pretty sure the judges would put her through if she didn't get the votes, but what I did not expect was for it to be down to her and another deserving contestant (imo) Theodore.

"I still cannot believe it, I'm here!, " says Malaque who's still reeling from making it through, which you can tell from her thank you speech!

Way to go MJ! Clever boy plugged his myspace page :)

Apparently it was an extremely tearful separation for MJ and his BFF Theodore (seen here, prepping together right before the show started) after the Results were announced. An eye witness recounts that the sobbing was way more than when brothers Jon and Gabe Cheok were separated (the latter already quite teruk, I think my heart would have broken if I'da seen that....*sob*)

How'd I miss this moment? I was off chasing after the elusive Uncle Ken for that 'quote'.

MJ's off back to the US as of this morning to sort out immigration and travel stuff. We'll see you soon buddy!

Lastly, good job to the six who've made it through. You're here because you deserve to be....voters put you through because they love you, and the Judges put you through because they think you deserve it too. So don't doubt that.

Work hard and give us a great show at Spectacular #1 on September 16th!

xoxo, s.

ps. Ep5 review will be done once someone (hint!hint!) uploads it to Youtube...

pps. Check out this awesome rendition of Craig David's 7Days by Syarif (sleeq), with Ben (Muthusalam <-- LOL) on guitar. NICE ONE! Thanks Iz again for the vids! Go to the Official Blogger's blog for more vids.


  1. Hi Summer, what was it about? Did anyone felt that Frances,jannah and perhaps theodore should be in the top 12? Because quite a handful was shocked with the results.

  2. hi Anonymous, personally I don't think Frances was up to mark yesterday, as much as I love her, she's great, the song choice was all wrong for her. I felt Jannah and Theodore did well enough to deserve a spot. however, ppl voted the 3 boys in. I wasnt surprised with the judges' choices, tabitha and syltra definitely need to be put through. Perhaps Malaque was on par with Jannah and Teddy, and it could have been her 'packaged' appearance + vocals that got her the judges' vote.
    Which is why, its so important that everyone vote to keep their favourites in.

  3. malaque has got the vocals and looks,but personally i think that she was cocky and proud. she kept repeating "if i had an ordinary voice wHY AM I STILL HERE?" it got me really annoyed lol. ken was right in saying she had an ordinary voice because altho it was strong,to me it was ordinary(make sense?). well i didnt really like her from what i got to see through tv,prove me wrong? i definitely think that the spot should have been given to theodore,jannah or nurul. nurul has a reallyreally special voice! :( just to add on, ken is actually very constructive in his comments. what he says usually potrays what i thought,like how syltra had the best performance there(I LOVE HER!) and malaque's ordinary voice, farhan's spot should have been taken, douglas is good but too ordinary to be a star..etc. people shouldnt hate him. and lastly,thanks summer your blog updates abt the idols are awesome and i always come back for more! :)

  4. As much as i think Frances was not at her personal best yesterday, she should have been given a chance by the judges to go through to the next round. They know how fantastic she is and i think she has more potential and a better voice than almost all the girls in the competition.

    Hady may have won idol but he got cut in the Top 100 rounds and got called back at the last minute. If they hadn't gone back and picked him, Singapore wouldn't have seen his potential.

    I also think Theodore deserved a place over Farhan and MJ. ):

  5. i agree with Summerr's views on this - in the context where singing or vocal ability is NOT the only determining factor which influences the audience's voting decision. I have personally heard comments from some people who feel turned off by certain gestures of Jannah (seem to be trying too hard) and Frances, i.e. they no doubt have the strongest vocal ability among other contestants but they lack personality or certain likeability.

    I hate to say this, such idol competition is a popularity or likeability contest.

    To be honest, I have given up on voting and no longer follow the program as much as I used to do - simply for the reason that if I cannot deal with my favourites being voted out (even though I have voted), then the bottomline is: I don't need to follow the series anymore to avoid heartache.

    anyway, Nurul and Teddy should be in the top 12 - but this is just my personal opinion, not necessary the voice of the masses who voted. They were better than MJ, Farhan - vocal wise, imho.

  6. Thanks G, Melissa and Mia for your honest comments. Its great to hear more constructive feedback as opposed to 'hater'postings (as you may have seen on some contestant's profiles posts). thats so sad, but i guess its a public forum and once you're out there its like a free-for-all.

    G thanks for your support - hope to keep doing a good job for all out there who read this blog.

    Mia, i felt a twinge of sadness when I read your comment, that you no longer follow the show or bother to vote. I guess it does feel kind of awful when you try so hard (ie vote) and your favourite doesn't get thru. No matter, point is at least you tried, and I can tell you every one of those idol contestants appreciate every vote.

    Many of them are totally blown away that people even bother to pick up the phone for them, despite having followed the series and voted themselves on other seasons. All of them are really humble actually and deep down are nervous and scared s**tless :) The journey is always MUCH more than they expect it to be. :)

    So, to G, give Malaque another chance, she's really sweet and caring and not at all full of herself. Am sure she'll read your comment and realise she may have come off a bit sarky, it was probably her nerves.

    Thanks all for reading, keep comin' back :)

  7. No, not through Malaque is full of herself, she is one contestant i hate to see. Not only did she complacent over the comments of judge ken lim ( having an ordinary voice) In one of the series she even commented that " I don't know why is the 'bow' hair girl still in the competition," She was blatantly directly it to Rachael during her stay in the Top 40.

    She should be voted out, what a dumb B***H.