Thursday, September 17, 2009

MJ gives back....

MJ's touching message....

Just a few hours ago, MJ posted these two wonderful videos on Youtube.

Last Saturday, I recorded some heartfelt video messages from Airi, Mae, Nurul and Tabitha especially for him. I approached them because they seemed most affected by MJ's decision to leave.

I posted those messages here on Monday morning (once the embargoed news broke) and the minute MJ saw them, he called each one personally from Hong Kong (thats where he is right now!) because he was so touched.

Now, he's done a full blown personal message to everyone in the Top 13 and the rest of his supporters. Plus he's written a new song, called 'Change', inspired by his Idol journey.

Check out this little montage/music video featuring that 'Change' - am lovin' the photos and vid clips in it MJ!

"Friendships last a lifetime. Thanks for the great memories and looking forward to many more good times with all of you x MJ"

This next vid is a personal message to the Top 13 and all his supporters. I love how he calls Syltra the Guitar Goddess - because she is indeed that.

We will continue to support your music MJ, come see us soon k, don't be a stranger!
Stay in touch with MJ on his myspace page, youtube and facebook fanpage.

xoxo, s.


  1. mj, we miss u so much! come back to singapore and idol...the show is not the same without you!

  2. Mj,

    You are difinitely an Awesome dude!
    What a lovely thing to do sending a full blown message to your fellow idols. You gonna make all of them cry!

    Oh yes ! heard from the grapevine that you had a thing for one of the idols there....if it is true or not no one will know now huh?

    All the best to you!!!! x

  3. I heard he was dating the beyonce chick, Tabitha.
    She must be in tears now that he's gone.

  4. I don't think so...must be Sylvia anyways i thought Tabitha is with Farhan no

  5. I heard that MJ had a thing for Tabitha too and i don't blame him :)
    But not sure if it's true or not though.

    And is Tabitha really with Farhan!? :( I really want to know! She's hot man! Deserves someone better than Farhan.

  6. @Owen: If Tabitha and Farhan are really together, then they are the HOTTEST couple ever.

    You're probably just jealous of Farhan anyway :p

  7. Tabitha & Farhan are just friends people,
    they come from the same school:)