Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Kepada semua kaum Muslimin & Musliman,
summerr ingin mengucapkan selamat menyambut Hari Raya Aidilfitri, maaf zahir dan batin :)

Plus, Happy Eid-il-fitr to my dearest friend Cheeks whom I know actually reads this silly blog all the way in Italy! lov ya babe!

In celebration of this weekend's festivities, I asked the Idols to record a lil Hari Raya message. I managed to record this one on my phone with the girls....(after their major Top13 press conf on Monday)....

Later, the idea caught on and Iz decided to record a group one, so we decided to share.... (he recorded using a camera, so sound quality much better than my phone!)

But ta daaaa...that simple clip was turned into a full video by Iz (teach me one day k?) :). How's that for initiative! Good job Iz! Look out for his Raya message on the Official Idol Blog.
In the meantime, this vid's already circulating on Youtube......

Love this vid...with Raya music and all!

A big hug and raya wishes and salam to my friends on Idol - Faizal, Farhan, Amira, Malaque, Airi, Nurul, Syltra, Izked as well as Rahmat, Zaki and Taufik.

xoxo, s.


  1. syltra is malay? o.o

  2. Syltra is half chinese, 1/4 malay and 1/4 indian. Her dad is chinese (thus the surname 'Lee') and her mom is mix Malay & Indian.

  3. Yaep, she is the living of 'Racial Harmony' in our country, haha.

    And her winning the competition will not spur any debates on racism, how nice!

  4. rickz well said - hahah, total package from every aspect! i voted for her during piano shows, what about you?

  5. Wake up people Syltra will definitely not win this competition, coz Mae Sta is gonna win it! Can't you see she is the lucky 13th Idol and singaporeans are already falling in love with her. This comeback kid wants it so badly and singaporeans will vote for her and i will for sure too.
    Go mae!