Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Singapore Idol Top 13 : Justin Jap

Justin Jap, 21
10 February 1988

Performing :
"Heartless" by Kris Allen/Kanye West

Vote for
Justin :
Call 1900 112 1208
or sms '8' to IDOLS (43657)
each call/sms costs 60cents.
lines are open tonight from 8pm.

Random facts about Justin :
  • Justin is an only child.
  • He hates Crocs and thinks they look grotesque, and every time he sees a pair, he has to fight the urge to plug up the holes! (LOL! so cute!)
  • Justin is a gym rat - he loves gymming! (Girls, there are biceps worth ogling under those sleeves!)
  • He is a big presence on Twitter .... he even tweets what he's about to eat for breakfast :)
  • Can sing chinese songs very well because he is effectively bilingual - now that would be good for marketing purposes.
  • He likes to mix it up by wearing bowties. (and also record Youtube videos topless :))
summerr thinks you'll love Justin because :
Justin is the rare Chinese Singaporean who can really sing R&B. Check out his vids on Youtube and you'll know what I mean.

He's also quirky and the kind of guy that really grows on you once you get to know him. On the one hand though, he's so quirky I'm not sure he'll be believable as a doctor (he's always cracking jokes). So he'd better to this Idol thing right.

Justin is also an entertainment junkie (like me) who knows as much as probably Perez Hilton because the info is all IV-ed to him via his iPhone thats always with him.

So will the Singing Doctor (he hates this reference btw) win your votes?

Here's the vid Izked got at key check two weeks ago.

And here's the vid I shot last week at choreo, giving you a sample of 'Heartless'.

Finally, here's Justin's performance clip from the Piano Show that won him public vote spot into the Top 13.

Want to know more about Justin, you can check out his Top 24 profile here.

xoxo, s.

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