Saturday, September 12, 2009

The Big Top13 Idol Trailer/Photoshoot

I've just come home from a long long day at Caldecott Hill!
(ok la, its been about an hour, cos I had to shower mah, and then put the kids to sleep - The Husband was so lovely, he took the kids on his own the entire day, so I could spend it with another bunch 'o' kids - The Top 13 - so of course the minute I was home, HAD to take over and give him a break right?).

It was a fruitful day. I think everyone would agree. 4 different trailer shoot concepts PLUS photoshoots all done from 7am - 9pm (plus) is a miracle k! Its not easy to coordinate something like this with 13 talents. So *clap clap clap* to the Trailer Producers in charge of today's shoot. Well done you guys - you were super efficient!

Well done also to the Publicity guys who minimised idle (no pun) time by squeezing in photoshoots with the Top13 while they waited their turn for the trailer (video) shoot! *Clap also*

In total, including yesterday, there were quite a few 'concept' trailers being shot, one of which is the trailer promoting the first Spectacular concept which I posted about yesterday.

Apologies about the minimal tweets/twitpics. I've been sworn to secrecy so I can't reveal the actual concepts, but let me just say your Top13 looked fabulous and attacked each concept with gusto (and a lotta laughs!). We've discovered today that most of them are pretty decent actors (Sylvia totally morphed into each character!) and dancers (who knew Airi had such great HIP movements!) LOL!

Since I can't report on concepts, here are the highlights of the day followed by pics that I tweeted from the studio.

Highlight 1 : The buffet spread.

Byron the PR Guru was such a sweetheart. He stocked the side table outside Studio 4 with snacks - both healthy and not so healthy - from Chicken In A Biscuit to fresh plums and pears. Also on the table were big bags of 3in1 coffee, Milo, Kopi-O and Ribena! And Pringles! And Oreos! And KitKat! And sugar rolls!
How not to get fat? Check out Iz about to devour said table....

Highlight 2 : watching tv in the green room

When I arrived bright and early at 7 this morning, I found the Idols glued to AXN's Contender - rooting for some Thai guy Pontiprongkrongnong (only Tabby can do the name right!). Check out Farhan's glazed over eyes! LOL!

Highlight 3 : On the spot Choreo

I can't give you details about Choreo, but new choreo coach Eddy taught the Top 13 2 separate 'dances'. Both very very fun - can't wait to share the pics/vids when the time is right!

Highlight 4 : Playing dress up
I think the most fun part of the day for the Top 13 was playing dress up. They really enjoyed getting into costume and makeup and once on-set, into character.

I had such fun today. I loved how the Idols would always break into song and dance no matter where they were. They kept practicing their choreo, and I found Farhan and Duane singing their hearts out in the boys toilet (cos apparently there was nowhere to sit - quite true, cos the green room is super small, cramped with clothes and hair/makeup people!)

I also loved how they each supported each other when it came time to do a solo routine. When Duane took centrestage on one of the concepts, everyone chanted and gave him so much encouragement - that was just so sweet! Its times like these I miss the other 11. They were such a great bunch together - always rah-rah-ing each other on!

By dinner time, Idol energy was starting to diminish, so I'm glad that they were down to their last 'group shot' for the trailer. All still photography was done already. We had a nice bitch fest (lol, wouldn't you like to know about whom *wink*) and a good yakkity yak over dinner.

Thank you Top 13 for a wonderful day. I really enjoyed myself and hope you did too. See you Monday (hopefully!) for your first Top 13 Media Session!

Much loove to the LODIs,
xoxo, s.

ps. I also had a sneak peak at the upcoming trailer for Chart Toppers and OMG, they all look so good - Faizal as Justin Timberlake - hearts will go a-flutter!

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