Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Next Week's Theme : An Asian Feast!

Spectacular 3 sounds like its going to be a real TREAT!

Next week's theme is 'An Asian Feast' and the Top 11 will get to sing in an Asian language of their choice! Wouldn't it be awesome if they sang in a language that wasn't their own? Like if Charles sang in Tamil or Sylvia sang in...wait...she's like a rojak of all races.

Anyway, in preparation for this week, a number of great Indonesian, Mandarin and Malay songs have been listed on the Idols' wishlists. I shan't give anything away right now (mostly cos at the time this is being written I still don't know who's in and who's out!).

But safe to say, its a great way to celebrate our Asian culture and be proud of it!

I'll be asking the Top 11 some 'Asian-inspired' questions. If you have an 'Asian' related question you'd like to ask any one of the Top 11, please post them at Comments :) Please indicate who the question is for too, thanks. I'll be giving each of the Top 11 one reader's question to answer on top of my own questions :)

Thank you all for supporting the blog! I can't wait to get to the studios! (yes, I'm writing this at 5pm and scheduling its release for 10.30pm cos I'll be there mah, how to possibly blog while I'm there?!)

Keep following my tweets ya....I'll be walking to Training School for keycheck by this time, or maybe recording Ousted Idol's exit interview :) ...or chasing Uncle Ken for a quote on tonight's cryptic critiques!

xoxo, s.


  1. So Is tabby going to do a chinese song??? or some othr language ? isnt she a little rojak tooo hahaha

  2. Do the Idols have to stay within a compound area everyday and not get to go home except only after being eliminated?

    Every single day practicing, with no free time?

  3. hi Lekha, as of last night, looks like she will be doing a chinese song :) She took mandarin in school, so she should be comfortable enough to sing in that language....

    To Anonymous, the Idols get to go home every day. They go to mediacorp (or whatever location producers choose) to do shoots and their vocal trainig, keycheck, imaging etc.

    While they are at Mediacorp they are 'working', they're practice time is any time they have in between all the various things on their schedule.

    For instance today, they are scheduled to make an appearance at the MediaCorp tradeshow (where advertisers on Mediacorp's platforms get to meet/mingle with celebs). Thereafter they are due back at Caldecott Hill for wardrobe fittings for their President's Star Charity appearance, thereafter they have to attend a choreo session for that same performance.

    So basically they are packed to the brim!

    Its really not easy being an idol. On top of that they gotta do their own research and think about possible song choices for the show for the week after next in case they get through. They need to submit these songs like THIS WEEK, so music director can make arrangements, producers can plan ahead bla di bla.

    Hope this gives you an idea of how tough it is to be in this competition.


  4. Ask farhan to sing a hindi song ! it'll suit him !

  5. omg hindi...ok...i'll convey the message! :)
    ps. i believe nurul will be singing a hindi song...and the group JAIHO! :)

  6. is anybody singing korean song??
    i love kpop!

  7. If Tabby is going to sing a Chinese song (although I think it might be challenging for her), I will VOTE for her that night - for her courage! I wasn't her fan but I think she rocks in general - looks, courage, voice and total package.

  8. Anonymous - Mae will be singing a Korean song! 'Nobody' by the Wondergirls! :)

    Tabby is gonna be singing Ting Hai by A*Mei :)

    Check out my next post for the list of songs!

  9. Wow...I really look forward to that! Thanks Summerr for the updates :)