Friday, September 11, 2009

Friday Morning Idol Update!

So what are your Top 13 up to today?

They're at a shoot, a huge huge super important shoot, with like TWO locations that they have to run and back forth to.

The shoot is for publicity trailers and pictures for the upcoming weeks. Today and tomorrow are full days for them at Mediacorp - call time 7am, end time, 8pm (I think probably more like 9 or 10pm because shoots ALWAYS overrun).

Here are some pics courtesy of Izked's twitpics! Official Idol Blogger is on site today, all day, and will be twitpiccing (Iz, feeling the $pinch$ yet? I do, but what the hey right, its Idol baby!)

Go follow Izked for twitpics and tweets all day!

In the pics are Sylvia as Madonna (the mole, she has the mole), Syltra as Britney (mistmatch a bit?) and Mae as Lady Gaga (apparently she was blonde before so she should feel right at home in this get up!).

The Top 13 are being styled like music icons for a trailer to promote their first Spectacular Show themed 'Chart Toppers'. Idols choose a 'hit song' that were top the charts from 2000 - present. Yes, Akon's Lonely, could be a possibility *shiver*....

Who are the other music icons ? Here's the list as of yesterday..

Malaque - Amy Winehouse (beehive!)
Amira - Rihanna (is it her short hair that inspired this decision?)
Tabitha - Beyonce (no brainer)
Sezairi - Kanye West (OMG! Cannot wait to see this one!)
MJ - Elvis
Charles - Eminem
Faizal - Justin Timberlake (not Jason Mraz?)
Justin - Jason Mraz (eh terbalik?)
Duane - Elton John (aww so cute! you need to borrow Gabby's heart-shaped glasses!)
Farhan - one of the Beatles (it was the hair, the hair probably made this decision for them) with all creative outings, things change up on the spot so don't be surprised if what you see on the trailer doesn't match up with what's being reported now :)

Anyway, yes, pls go follow Iz for today's updates! I certainly am gonna follow from home, since I'm on Mommy duty and BFF duty today (its her birthday)!

So fun! Wish I was there....

xoxo, s.

ps. I saw a tweet from @siproducer this morning, "Emergency meeting at 930", I wonder what that was about - my spidey sense tells me an Idol scandal is about to erupt. Waiting patiently for the drama to filter down to me.....


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