Thursday, September 10, 2009

Congrats & Meet Your Top 13 Singapore!

What a twist! Top 13! Still reeling from what was a crazy unexpected night! Will have to gather my wits about me first before I can do a decent post on what was a crazy Piano Show round.

Congratulations to the 7 that made it through last night!

I'd like to commend group 2 for a great show last night. Perhaps its because they had an extra week to prepare and they got to watch the first group perform and therefore knew what to expect, whatever it is, last night's show was enjoyable.

To the five that didn't make it, I will truly miss you guys, *sob* don't be strangers k? We have facebook, twitter, MSN and good ole email. Don't disappear.

Guys, Idol is not the be all and end all. It may be the end of your Idol journey, but it should not be the end of your musical journey and pursuits. Keep at it, making it to the Top24 means something. Use this short window of 'fame' as best you can and give it a shot. If you don't try you'll never know. And give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far and not keeling over.

So just to end off the post - here's a pic of your Top 13, first group pic ever, twitpicced lastnight at gawd knows what time - my eyes were bleary, was a long day. I left them before 2am, and they weren't even half way through their wardrobe fitting for their 2-day publicity trailer and photo shoot which is happening this Friday/Saturday.

The last thing I heard was Faizal asking me if there was anything to eat cos he was hungry. Then he disappeared into Wardrobe. Hope he found something to eat.

Ok, am rambling. Just a quick breakdown of the Top 13.

Piano Show 1
Public Vote : MJ, Charles, Farhan
Judges Save : Malaque, Tabitha, Syltra

Piano Show 2
Public Vote : Justin, Duane, Faizal
Judges Save : Amira, Sylvia, Sezairi and *13* Mae

Do you agree with how Singapore has voted?
Did you agree on who the judges saved?
Who do you think should be in if you don't agree...

xoxo, s.


  1. Hi Summer.
    I thought how bad singapore has voted.
    Look at how the public voted in american idol, they voted for the ones who have had the talent in singing not simply for looks and whatnot.

    And both Piano Shows are dominated by\ males, occupying all 6 seats from the public.

    Why won't they consider limiting to 1 vote for every person? Hence, the public will not have the luxury to spam calls/texts.

    Look at Piano Show 1, judges save? All females?
    Each of different race? Malay,Indian, Chinese ; Racial Harmony? They probably feared for criticism which leaves them to such thoughful decision

    Basically i am upset with the entire set-up.

  2. Samantha. Oh lovely Samantha.. Why didn't you make it through!?

  3. I have to say that Singapore's choices so far have been less than stellar.

    In the first group none of them were close to being the top three of the night. Tabitha, Syltra and Theodore should have gotten the spots with the judges picking Frances, MJ and Charles/Nurul.

    In the second group, the best of the night were Sylvia, Mae and Sezairi without a doubt ! That's who Singapore should have voted in. The judges should have picked Justin, Amira and Ben with the Top 13 addition being the between Charles, Nurul and Farhan from the first group.

  4. Ben was actually pretty partial about being kicked out last night...I was there though, screaming my lungs out the whole show. Even gurmit was scared of me hahahaha. That comment he said " the audience is pretty fierce tonight", haha that was me.

    Ben told me that he was sad, but happy at the same time that his idol journey ended. Now he has more free time to focus on his girlfriend and work since the media doesn't have him by the balls :D.

    Anyway, last nights show was the bomb. The crowd went wild when the 13th contestant was announced, it was such a crazy twist! :O

  5. Actually, umm, I'm a bit confused. Maybe the judges chose the best off so maybe the public vote is based on the best, not including the ones the judges already passed. So Singapore may not be that biased? Or am I wrong?

  6. No you are wrong. The public decides before considering the judges' choice.

    The judges will have a list of named lined up for selection after revealing the public votes.

  7. Wow. If that's true, then Singapore Idol is screwed in more than one way. They already do not have strong enough contenders and they now get votes not based on singing ability. Nurul and Jannah, two with potentially powerhouse vocals are already out.
    Let me see... who else has potentially powerhouse vocals...
    Amira, Syltra and Sylvia...
    And Tabitha maybe.

  8. I support Samantha. Samantha should get rid of her introvert personality, in order to wow the judges. I think thats why her performance is so --- (i wont say dead, but perhaps less lively). If not, shes probably the slightly more marketable idol hopeful. So compared to the rest, yes, they deserve the place more than her at this time. However, on behalf of the rest of the female contestants, i think the fact that mostly only female supports the show, it makes the whole thing unfair. Go on Sam! And goodluck to the rest who made it.

    Just my two cents worth...

  9. i think ben was the strongest of the guys, not the most controlled, but he had enough raw talent to really bring his performance to a whole new level if the public/judges had let him stay on in the competition. i think it's such a pity. singapore's missing out on so much.

  10. Hmm, anyone can enlighten me with the ancestry of Tabitha? is she full indian?
    Sylvia? Flipino?

  11. summerr: if I am not wrong I think you forgot to add in amira's name in the top13 group picture... Yeap.

  12. Hi summerr.
    Is it possible for you to update us when the idol hopefuls hit 8 days cover?
    I want to get a copy of it :)
    Thanks in advance!

  13. I'm sick of Singapore Idol already to be honest. Everything is super tailored.

    Top 13? Wow, no shocker there. It's under the Idol franchise so what do you expect? And please, everything they're doing is for the ratings. The contestants are just being used as tools for them to achieve that. And it's honestly pathetic.

    I don't even think the judges' comments are worth listening to. Why? Because they want to make the audience influenced based on their words and hence making them have impressions on the contestants based on that. Can't anyone see that everything is done on purpose? Judge makes a mean comment on a contestant, public listens, gets influenced, hates the contestant and tada, there you go. You have the "hated" contestant.
    One word. TAILORED.

  14. Just to add on the show yesterday..Its gd though..But from wt ive seen throughout. Singapore Idol is more of like Game show..everytin is preplanned. Like i would highly suggest tt Votes Polling should be shown to e public and not just kept hidden, as u wont convince the voters n public. And also it doesnt matter whether the good ones r out or the bad ones are in, at the end of the day, its who the public wanna approach. Yes its a singing comp but tt must include personality, X Factor and also u creating rapport w e audience.
    No offence but this comp has way too many foreigners and hey people, define "Singapore Idol"..we need singapore faces not wat.. Mixed..its as gd as joining Mixed Idol..n in addition to tt an idol must have the package, no offence again, but we dont want a short idol,handicapped or unpleasant lookin..After all idol is defined as someone whom u look up to..
    Cheers and may the best wins..

  15. Can you please define for me what a true "Singaporean"is? as far as i know, Singapore is a multi-racial country whether mixed or not! I feel like there is too much importance put onto race... I think if you love this wonderful place called Singapore and you contribute to the growth of this country, then You Are Singaporean:)

  16. there are no foreigners in this competition. all are true singaporeans. such an uneducated comment

  17. i think this whole thing is fair right? judges saving the best talents n audiences can pick out their desired 3 as stated thr the ones 'public would want to approach.' they do pick out the ones who can really sing. which one of the judges pick can't sing?

    everyone has their own view. it's just up to u how u wana look at it. some may think it's fair or e other way round but i'm sure they did the best they could to host this show. even the judges hav their own views.

    it's so hard to please everyone isn't it? ;)

  18. tabby is half swiss half indian.

  19. so that means she's not singaporean? =_=

  20. Hello Anonymous put down your name next time ok:)

    She is born and raised in Singapore!!! so what does that tell you....go figure.

  21. Who are the true Singaporeans? The orang laut?
    Singaporean is a nationality, not a race. Only those dumb ones would get the two mixed up.

  22. From what i see all votes goes to male contestants..i dont think female can last long,i think top 5 remaining will be guys, maybe just one female contestant standing.

  23. the males get the most votes because the majority are girls voting. it's 60 cents per vote for goodness sake and you don't see what is the percentage of votes for each contestant. the girls voting the guys are probably evaluating the cuteness of each guy before voting.

  24. if cute guys get votes how come jonathan didnt get in?

  25. I don't really agree with Duane getting into the top 13 and mostly SHOCKING!,the public voted for him?! WTF!
    he isn't the best male singer and his voice not good enough so does his looks not like in American idol where they always choose the best singers with good looks ya' know what I mean?? geesh! Singaporeans really don't know how to vote.. Just beacuse he's only 16,dosen't mean he has to go through!

  26. e next round gona depend on audience's votes only right? frm that stage, all good talents gona go to waste, wif only the good looking without the voice will go through. i don't understand the minds of some singaporean.

  27. Lala so in other words you're saying the last group of 12 are all good looking?Hmmm...
    Who are the good talent that are going to waste huh?

    I think this competition is too matured for Singaporeans.

  28. Some suggested to have the Votes Polling shown to the public. Goood and Bad.
    Good cos its kinda transparent and you'll be able to see how everyone is tallying but Bad cos at the end of the day, it benefits the toll number cos the fans will try to outbeat one another by voting more to bring up the polls and who will gain at the end of the day???? 60cents per vote is quite a lot of money heh..

    All said, i feel that Spore Idol is not so much of a talent show but its how likeable you are in looks, personality and talent always comes last in mind but hopefully when it comes to the last 2 standing, the public will finally vote on talent.

  29. It's a pity to see Frances and Gabrielle go.

    Btw does anyone like charlenne? She appears too self-conceited.

  30. Its very saddening to see Nurul leaving idol, i think she is one of the best singers in the competition, i seriously think there should be a wildcard round this season.

    Piano Show & Wildcard Show - 2 by the viewers 1 by the judge

  31. Sylvia is Eurasian mix Filipino. Tabitha's dad is Swiss and her mom is local Indian. they're both Singaporean. Syltra is also mixed race, Chinese, Indian and Malay all rolled into one - doesnt that make her even more Singaporean?
    I think its terrible that people should confuse the terms race and nationality. Thats the kind of stupidity that leads to racial segregation - how to have 1 Singapore liddat?