Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chart Toppers are a-comin'!

Check out the ad for next week's Spectacular Show themed Chart Toppers :) I'm lovin' it - its hilarious!

In case you can't figure out who's whom, let me lay it all out ... :)

Boys left to right :
Justin as Jason Mraz (LOL! Fishing anyone?)
Duane as Elton John (nice fit! so cute with the glasses!)
Farhan as one of the Beatles (I bet you its cos he has the hair for it!)
Faizal as Justin Timberlake (lookin' hawt Faizal - thought you really pulled it off!)
Sezairi as Kanye West (not beat-you-up look enough! But quite 'black'!)
Charles as Eminem (lookit that I'm-gonna-beat-you-up face! :))

Girls left to right are :
Nurul as Tina Turner (lol, love the wig!)
Malaque as Amy Winehouse (100x hotter than Amy for sure - you totally rocked it girl!)
Tabitha as Beyonce (she still looks like gorgeous Tabby to me!)
Mae as Lady Gaga (totally Gaga-ed out! What a big bow!)
Sylvia as Madonna (everyone says she really got into the part! good job!)
Syltra as Britney (At first I thought, so tak match, but after a while, she looks pretty cool as an Asian Britney!)
Amira as Rihanna (another mismatch I thought, but Amira worked the camera man! Love this shot of her - so fierce!)

Below are some early screen grabs taken from the Chart Topper's trailer that went on-air after the Michael Jackson concert last night! :) you get to see close ups of each one...(click to enlarge).

At first I was only allowed to take stills, then after some consideration they let me take a video of this incomplete trailer :) here it is... (it was so top secret ssshhh...but now that the trailer is finally out, I can put these up!)

Can't wait to see the full trailer, I keep missing it on tv!... but if the poster is anything to go by, it must look 'spectacular' :) *lol at my own pun!* (its cos its almost 4am and I'm dead sleepy - no chance to watch Gossip Girl :(...)

xoxo, s.

ps. When the pics were taken at the editing suite, Nurul had just joined the Top13 and her clips weren't filmed yet, thus the missing Tina Turner :)

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  1. Woo Hoo! Only 1 more sleep :) Even though I am anonymous I'm sure you can guess who I am. See you soon!