Saturday, September 19, 2009

IDOL DAY in 2 Days time!

Long post : From Piano Pokerface to Sembawang Shopping Centre (my update for the past 'idol-less' week...)

So the weekend's come and gone (well, not totally, since today's a public holiday - woot!)

Were you a true Idol fan this weekend? Did you trek all the way up to Sembawang Shopping Centre to see the Top 13 in person?

Even if you didn't, its okay, because like a gazillion others did! Despite having to run helter-skelter (translate that as siao char boh) organising my daughter's princess party (I was told it was a carnival-like success by the way, not that you Idol crazies care right, cos you're only reading this to know more about Idol), I snuck in some time here and there to check out Iz's 'live' tweets and twitpics (featured here, thanks Iz!) from the roadshow - looks like the turn out was amazing. Idols, it will only get even crazier as the weeks go by!

Whats up with Idol this week?

We're back in full Idol gear as of TODAY, Monday, 21st Sept!
Radio interviews with Mae, Charles, Syltra and Sylvia right this morning on 987FM at 9am. The rest will take their turn at the mic on Tuesday and Idol Day (check the Idol Spotter for deets, left side bar, right at the top!)

what else...

oh...nothing much....just a lil show we like to call THE SPECTACULARS!
yep folks, we're FINALLY at the Spectaculars - that ONE week break felt like ages right?

Check out my new 'Idol Songs & numbers' on the left sidebar that will give you quick recap of who's singing what in what order. For sms voting, just take the last digit of the phone number (eg for Mae you send '1' to IDOLS (43657) for Idols 1 - 9. For Idols 10 - 13, send the last TWO digits of the phone number (eg for Malaque, sms '11' to IDOLS (43657)). Each vote costs 60 cents.

And now, here're some vids I recorded over the past week.

Pokerface on piano
Check out Duane's raw, piano-accompanied version of Pokerface. This was recorded at his choreo session with Zaki. It still needs a little bit more work, but I think the boy's got something there - a breakout performance perhaps? Zaki said 'cool' :)

Meet the new host of Idol TV!
Also, here are some pics of Jon Cheok who's now been 'hired' by Iz to be the 'host' of Idol TV. First episode airs....tonight maybe? Not sure.
Am so dreading it cos they blardee sabo-ed and filmed me...(me and cameras = not a pretty sight, from now on, if Iz is in vid mode, I'll be in SIAM* mode).

By the way, I recorded this following vid of Iz and Jon to help them promote their new Idol TV ...but LOL, epic fail lor - they just rambled - watch it just for fun, don't judge, there was no prep. We shall get them to do a DO-OVER soon (on Idol Day).

The reason I have so many pics of them is because while the 8Days shoot was ongoing, we were not allowed to communicate with the Top 13 at all. Forbidden was the word. They were 'In The Zone' and apparently the stylist was very happy. So was 'Manny-for-the-day' Byron, who said, "the children were VERY well-behaved today." :)

Anyway, here are two pics of the the Top 13 at the shoot at Que Pasa, taken from my hiding place :) (I was perched precariously atop a stairwell!)

I later managed to capture this vid from a different 'hiding spot'. Uber 8Days stylist Fong Fan got the Idols singing and boy where the 'in the zone' and I'm thinking Ka-Ching - am sure they'll get some pretty awesome pics from this session. I've always been a fan of Fong Fan's work. She has such a great eye and the clothes/styles always suit the celeb to a tee. Tuesday's 8Days cover shoot was no different - everyone looked fab. I only wish I had a chance to take individual pics before they ran off to change :P (lets hope Iz did).

They're singing Blackhorse and a Cherry Tree.

Lastly, I'd like to share this vid that I recorded of Mae.

Generally people think Mae's a great singer, but the one brickbrat that keeps gettin' thrown at her is the fact that she was living in Australia and has perhaps become 'Australian'. I think what these folks are forgetting is that most people, at a young age, get sent overseas for education purposes. In Mae's case, her parents decided to try to make a living there to give their kids a better life. It wasn't Mae's choice to 'give up' Singapore. And now that she's an adult, she's DECIDED, with much loving support from her Aussie husband, to make Singapore their home and her base.

She once told me with tears welling up, 'Its so awful being in a place where nobody wants you, but I want to be here, I choose to be here, why won't they support me?"

Anyway here's her vid...

Whatever it is Singapore, please vote based on talent. There is a lot of it this season, and honestly it would be such a waste if the ones worthy of the title don't make it all the way to the end - you want an AMAZING finale at Indoor Stadium right?



xoxo, s.

ps. More silly vids coming up tonight!


  1. Hello she is 28 now!
    Okay please clear my doubt.

    Why didn't she decided to be a Singaporean few years back than why now??
    Why make Singapore her Home now?
    What if she didn't Win in this competition will she still consider Singapore her Home?

    There are other Idols who sacrificed alot too keep that in mind.:)

  2. Perhaps some people are also wondering if it hadnt been for Idol would she have made the decision to be back in Sg. Is she only back here to achieve her personal goal of being the Sg Idol (since her attempt at Aussie Idol failed) ... and not becos she really want to make Sg home.
    I guess all this assumptions are unfair to Mae. I think she has to try to dispell them.

    Another thing to consider is likeability. You may have a good voice but if you dont connect with the audience and people dont really like you (for watever reasons) you will not get their votes.

    And this being Sg Idol, the gals are already placed at a disadvantage simple cos they're females.

    I really hope we will have a change this year. I would like to see a female getting the title. I think all the girls are better vocally.

    Go..Go.. Girl Power!

  3. Hi Guys, thanks for your comments,
    No matter what happens with Idol i do intend to stay and work in the entertainment industry in Singapore:) I couldn't come back before as i didn't have any money to take months off work to pursue my dream. I haven't decided to "be Singaporean", I've always and will always hold my Singapore passport:)
    As said in the 8 Days magazine, 2 months prior to finding out about SI3 auditions, my hubby and i came to SG for a month holiday to see what jobs we could get here, and then we found out about the auditions and it just felt like it was meant to be:)
    I hope i've answered some of your questions:)
    Have a great day guys!

  4. Love you Mae!

    You have good vocals. And you're not arrogant! :)

  5. totally support you too mae, and anyone who knows you or have met you (i was at all the roadshows!) will know you are always ready with a smile for anyone and everyon! how can they call you arrogant? i think you are the most humble one willing to take criticism from the judges.

    whatever mae's reasons for returning to sg, the point is, she's back here and she wants to stay - ultimately she has fulfilled the govt's aim to get overseas singaporeans to return right? Why is she getting so much flak? bottom line is she never gave up her citizenship and she's back!

  6. Hi Mae Sta Maria,

    Can u clear this doubt.
    I have received the 8 Days magazine from a friend of mine a few days ago and than on i watched all your performance on youtube and i must say you're good.
    Just wanted to know that there are eurasian and malay girls in this competition and are you one of them, coz when i read your article it says that your paternal grandfather is north indian thus the indian nationality written on your i/c so why are they saying that you are a eurasian girl when you are not. Do you look down on your Indian heritage?