Thursday, September 24, 2009

Episode 7 is up!


I'm still reeling from shock over last night's results. Got home after 1am last night and sat dazed in front of my laptop, speechless/wordless. I wasn't sure whether to chastise Singapore for NOT voting or chastise the voters for voting irresponsibly or just *kok*myself over the head for not voting enough.

In the end, I ended up with the *kok*. Obviously I have control over how others vote. And I'm not stupid enough to blame the result on just me, but while I was voting, I had this gut feel that I needed to put in like, maybe another 5 or 10 more votes, but didn't cos I got distracted twitpiccing. DAMMIT.

Anyway, while I gather my thoughts for the post-show post, you can watch Ep 7. Thank you to nazamania for posting it up on Youtube!

The show last night was ....SPECTACULAR for lack of a better word :)
The stage/set was gorgeous - loved the streaming names - and the ramp leading down to the judges and into the audience was so cool! It really gave contestants a chance to connect with everyone including our dear Judges.

Uncle Ken was on an acid roll last night. But more of that later in my review.
Am off to watch it once more....your turn to watch too!

I hope you enjoyed watching it as much as I did LIVE in studio. You can check out my twitpics from the show here.

Am gonna watch the show again now and see if I can digest the results better :P

xoxo, s.


  1. Syltra did a great job in the Top 24 but she really did horribly last night so while she does have alot of potential, based on last night she definitely deserved being in the bottom 2. The only problem is that Farhan should be there as well. He was atrocious.

    It's crazy that Singapore keeps voting for all the guys because they are cute and not based on talent. It's ridiculous that Tabitha was not in the safe group. She and Sylvia were easily the best of the night by a mile !

  2. Farhan,Charles,Sezari,Malaque were easily, without a doubt, the weakness singers amongst the rest.

    The really potential and good ones are Tabitha,Sylvia,Syltra,Mae.

    This show is completely ruined by the voters.
    Since syltra can be eliminated last night, how else would the result be for the following weeks?
    You may even witness tabitha or sylvia in the bottom 3.

    Time to do something, btw i would if weren't for the ripped off charges of 60 cents.

  3. Summerrr, the fact that you are shocked at the results shows that you do have some people in mind whom you think shd have been voted off instead. Would be interesting to know who ... BUT.. of cos you cant say in case you offend any one of them.

    Yes, pls review Uncle Ken's comments. Can you pls explain that Superman/Krptonite comment he made to Farhan. I no understand lah!! Me no Superman ... hehe

  4. Superman is scared of/averse to Kryptonite. That's what he means, I think.

    Anyway, I voted for Sezairi and Mae. (Am a bit upset that they were in the unsafe group!!! They are the most sincere performers out of the bunch.) One question, should I be getting an auto reply from IDOLS, thanking me for the vote? I used to get such replies for Seasons 1 and 2, but not this season. ???

    *Idol Fan*

  5. I think Summerr was just shocked because she has her favourites in this competition and Syltra is one of them.

    Well all I can say is that Syltra, amazing job last night there, you definitely didnt deserve to be out, but lets all face it, its a popularity contest (When all the boys got grouped together I knew thats gonna be the safe group).

    But being in the top 13 shows that you have got talent aint it ? Because the competition prior to the top 13 was due to judges vote. Don't stop believing, and be awesome!

  6. Thanks for the explanation Idol fan. Initially I thought kryptonite kills superman, so in a way Ken is saying that Farhan's singing is killing him. That is just sooo mean. However being scared/averse sounds gentler.

    Poor Farhan. Maybe he shd get voted off soon. He is not going to be spared Ken's attacks.

  7. Lol @ Han. Ya, I was being gentle about Farhan. It's a very hard job though.

    I agree that he should get voted off soon. He's a nice kid and shouldn't be made a punching bag ala Joaquim.

  8. I actually kinda feel that Farhan's kinda like the Joakim Gomez of Season 3. I see a striking similarity between them. Like, both cute, but not as talented as the rest, but breeze through and make it quite far. (Joakim made it to the Top 5, I think.)

    Hopefully Syltra's being eliminated gives Singapore a wake-up call to vote for talent. At least her departure won't be a wasted one if voters wake up to the fact that the best singers are in danger of getting booted out of SI faster than the notso-talented ones were.

  9. On a day which Farhan's singing took the day off and when he put up a lacklustre performance, the female fan voters came to his rescue once again! Sigh...

    I think it's time Singapore ought to really wake up and do something in terms of voting the right contestant. Was totally shocked when Tabitha and Mae was in the "not-safe" group and Farhan was in the "safe" group. Hope to see a change in improvement in next week's spectaculars...

  10. guys guys. u have to know. being in the 'unsafe' group does not mean u have the lowest votes. If you have been talking to various producers and people involved in these idol shows, they would tell you tht sometimes ppl with the higher votes are put in the unsafe groups to garner sympathy votes and put a fear in people's hearts to get them to vote more...

    Its a tactic done around the world and was started with the idol franchise. Welcome to the world of reality talent competitions


  11. haiya just vote for the ones who are really good la. dont say so much and be shocked her shocked there. Sylvia, charles, duane have ma votes. Voted 10 times for each of them :)

  12. Wow bryan, so your assumption is that people with the highest votes are put in the unsafe group so as to garner sympathy votes and also to put fear in people's hearts to get them to vote more. Hmmm.....i think you're talking rubbish.
    People in the unsafe group are there because they don't get enough votes and they will continue to stay there if the votes don't come in next week that is just the facts, there is no tactic involved.

  13. i think the guys in general are not as talented as the girls. it is extremely clear this season. so if the singapore idol turns out to be a guy again, i would be utterly disappointed.might as well turn it into a all-men pageant.

  14. Guys & Girls,

    Don't talk the talk; rock the vote.

    If you guys want a girl Idol so badly, VOTE MORE. Simple as that. It's a show based on voting anyway. So don't bitch & moan about how some guys are getting through and some girls are in danger but you don't actually bother to vote because you think that:

    1) Mediacorp is ripping us off with $0.60/vote
    2) This show is rigged la
    3) There is no talent in Singapore can

    To refute all of the above claims:

    1) Every vote on the UK X-Factor costs 35p (SGD$0.80) for landlines, and 50p (SGD$1.10) for mobile calls. And they still get tons of votes. Why? Because the people there genuinely care for keeping the talent in the competition.

    2) There are external auditors in the room when the results are being tabulated so I doubt it's possible to "rig" the results. Even the producers were shocked at Syltra's premature departure this week (I heard through the grapevine that they had expected someone else to receive the lowest votes but that didn't happen).

    3) Unless you're deaf and blind, you'd be crazy to say that Singapore has no talent (Amira? Justin? Sezairi?). I'm honestly sick of Singaporeans putting their own countrymen down and instead, constantly putting celebrities from the angmoh countries on a pedestal when some of them don't even deserve THAT kind of attention (go & read the article on Lindsay Lohan at the F1 Rocks press conference on ST today). Please, let's get real here. If we don't support our own people, nobody else will.

    That said, I think the overall mentality of Singaporeans need to change. Stop saying that you care when you don't even bother to make an effort to vote, cos you are given the power to keep the talent in the competition.

  15. Awesome comments people, keep it coming.
    Natalie - spot on. Producers WERE shocked. I even overheard one of them say that it was so difficult to prepare the results for Gurmit to announce.

    I'm shocked because I thought Singapore would have 'gotten a clue' and get off their butts and vote after the Piano Shows where people like Jannah and Teddy didn't get in. I thought even if the talents didn't have the highest votes, they would at least be safe-r.

    And yes, Syltra was a big favourite of mine, just because she's so unique. I still think she's one to watch, and hope she continues to wow outside the Idol arena.


  16. Hi,

    I think the show is trying to 'brainwash' the public. Dont you think that the constant, 'vote for talent, not looks' is pinpointing on the obvious good lookers. When they(roadshow host, gurmit, judges) said Farhan is very good looking, and then they critisize about his singing.

    Doesn't that instantly pinpoints him to the 'vote for talent, not looks' statement?

    I am not a teenybopper. I felt that the show is trying to make Farhan look as bad as they can. Probably Farhan is the saving grace of the guys(looks + voice), hence they needed a formula to destroy him in order for a girl to win this season.

    How is Bad Day worse than Big Girls Dont Cry. Except for the bad note, Farhan did better than Tabitha. He wasn't pitchy (except for a few notes), he wasn't shaky (except for the starting note). Tabitha was shaky throughout the first part of the song and only built up to the end of it. It was boring and forgettable. To be fair, both had sucky song choices.

    Question is, was that their song choices?

  17. criticize on* his singing, sorry my bad

  18. i totally agree with the comment above. they should just kick all the guys out & let the girls win to save the male contestants time & save our money! it's not fair for the guys after they put in so much effort to give a good show. pfft. Farhan is not a bad guy. He's nice. I'm not a teenybopper either i'm 24 & he's 19. But i still think Ken especially, is not doing justice to him. He does have a good voice. The power of MEDIA. Just because he got the most votes because of his looks doesn't mean he deserved to be critisize so badly. It's not his fault its the audience fault. Give him a break!

  19. To the anonymous above who believes that Farhan is better than the other.

    He screwed up so don't be a sore LOSER an accept it! He was trying so Hard to up his game but that didn't work coz he is not a good and talented singer. He forgot his words and he was pitchy and that happens to be my favourite song.

    And do not dare compare Tabby with Farhan, she was far more better than him!!!

    Hey they are an item you know, don't break them up okay lol

  20. Agree with Sue - halfway through Farhan's singing, I couldn't wait for him to finish singing, I just stopped the video. If I have to watch him sing on TV, I'd mute it. Nothing against him (he is likeable), but just that his singing was boring. If he'd become Singapore Idol, it would be sad - because obviously, the rest were better and we have MORE choices in this season.

    btw, I am a 16-year old girl but I don't vote for good-looking guys who can't sing. So, don't generalise that most girls would vote for guys.

  21. Probably the teen girls are richer than the adults who votes.... geeee.... or at least their families are rich? Btw, I'm a Malaysian working here. Kind of agree with Natalie statement on "I'm honestly sick of Singaporeans putting their own countrymen down and instead, constantly putting celebrities from the angmoh countries on a pedestal". When I told my S'pore colleague that I watch Sg Idol, they told me they rather watch American got talent. I told them I prefer to support local talent here and one of them said no wonder I never improved. Hmmm... nothing to say. Is it so wrong to support new local talents and give them chance to boomz even though they might not have the standard of American Idol? Too bad I don't earn high salary so can't really vote as much as I wanted to vote for most of the girls. Sorry Idol hopeful girls.

  22. well syltra did it much worst than farhan. she is nothing without the guitar. last show proves so. but i have to agree Tabby is better of course. along with the other girls. & i agree farhan is receiving too much critism that wasn't his fault. but anywayyyyyy, diff people hv diff opinion. if u really hate farhan or syltra then it's up to you. but i'm definitely rooting for sylvia!

  23. I think this season of spore idol is boring so ordinary there is no talent to measure up.

  24. LOL sue you're delusional bye

  25. LOL anonymous you're in DENIAL! Bye