Tuesday, September 29, 2009


Good morning and a big WOOT WOOT!
Cos its my favourite day of the week y'all! Say it with me .... its IDOL DAY!
Big round of applause for those of you who said it with a smile. Now go grab your toast and juice and join me as we recap those important digits your fingers will be tappin' tonight! Key 'em into your phone for repeat voting!

Here we go...
The theme for tonight is 'The Year I Was Born'. Find out more about theme and have a look at their cute lil baby pics here at my earlier post!

Nurul is up first with a Bangles hit, 'Walk Like An Egyptian'.

Vote Nurul :
Call 1900 112 1201
or sms '1' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Justin will be singing the Rick Astley classic 'Together Forever'. He says this is his first time singing a 'dance' song!

Vote Justin :
Call 1900 112 1202
or sms '2' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Tabitha will be singing Queen's very famous 'Bohemian Rhapsody'. Very tough song, but if anyone can do it, it will be Tabby.

Vote Tabitha :
Call 1900 112 1203
or sms '3' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Charles will be singing Bon Jovi hit 'You Give Love A Bad Name'. I heard from producers he's added his own twist to it, and its DEFINITELY NOT the Blake Lewis version (which was quite fail!), apparently it will be sung to a Bossa Nova beat! Am wondering how thats gonna work ;) Go Charles!

Vote Charles :
Call 1900 112 1204
or sms '4' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Duane is singing the big Whitney Houston power ballad 'I Have Nothing'. It was either this or Mariah's 'Hero' and I'm glad he went with Whitney. Lets see if he changes it up.

Vote Duane :
Call 1900 112 1205
or sms '5' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Faizal is singing the 90s iconic hit 'End Of The Road' by Boyz II Men. I love this song - everyone is gonna swoon I tell you.
Vote Faizal :
Call 1900 112 1206
or sms '6' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Amira is singing Shanice's big hit 'I Love Your Smile'. :) Do do do do do do do do...I love your smile...I really do!

Vote Amira :
Call 1900 112 1207
or sms '7' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Mae will be singing Stevie Wonder's 'Lately'. Not an easy song to sing, go Mae!

Vote Mae :
Call 1900 112 1208
or sms '8' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Malaque will be singing the Richard Marx classic 'Right Here Waiting'. Piano accompaniment perhaps?
Vote Malaque :
Call 1900 112 1209
or sms '9' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Sylvia will be rockin' the stage with Guns 'n' Roses' 'Sweet Child Of Mine'. I love this song! Can't wait to rock it out with her!

Vote Sylvia :
Call 1900 112 1210
or sms '10' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Farhan will be singing Taylor Dayne's 'Love Will Lead You Back'. Guy singing a girl's song, could really go either way - it has worked for Duane so far. Hope it works for Farhair :)
Vote Farhan :
Call 1900 112 1211
or sms '11' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

Sezairi has decided to sing George Michael's 'Faith'. A great upbeat song but is it challenging to sing? Maybe he's changing it up - cos if anyone can change it up, it should be this Guitar Hero. Go Airi!
Vote Sezairi :
Call 1900 112 1212
or sms '12' to IDOLS (43657)
Each call/sms costs 60cents.

VOTE VOTE VOTE to keep your favourites in the competition :)
I'll be at the studio from about 6pm, so follow my tweets and twitpics from then!
So exciting! I'm really looking forward to tonight's show cos it features a lotta great music, and a little birdie told me (ok la, one of the producers), a few of the Idols will really really shine tonight!

Who? And HOW will they shine? 8pm Channel 5, be there :)

xoxo, s.

ps. I know its PSLE next week, so good luck to those taking the exam. Hopefully you'll still get a break to watch Idol - cos all work and no play...is not healthy!

pps. Voting lines open from 8- 10pm tonight, so get your phones out!

ppps. If you're reading this and its not 9am yet, quick go turn on your radio, 987FM, and catch Sezairi, Farhan, Duane and Malaque heating up the radio airwaves with Dan & Young!


  1. Honestly speaking, I think that you are over pimping some of the other contestants over others. We also got to see how upset you were over the Syltra issue and harped on the whole 'vote talent, not looks' statement.

    This shows how much you were rooting for your favourites. Just cause you dont say it out loud, doesnt mean your favouritism through your posts/entries. If you really have strong preferences, might as well just pimp those and forget the others. Might as well, make it a fanpage for the 3-4 favourites of yours?

    One advice, play fair otherwise, you will be jeopardising your credibility as the voice of an everyday viewer of SI.


  2. * doesnt mean your favouritism doesnt show through your posts/entries.


  3. This is her blog, she can write anything she wants. Besides, it's not like she flames any of the contestants.

  4. Rav, this is HER Blog, and she can say whatever she wants to! do your homework first b4 u comment!

  5. i always vote for sezairi and faizal because i love them so much

  6. i always vote for sezairi sezali because he's handsome and he's charming anyway i never vote for faizal isa and i know i really like him because on the top 4 he's is out and i love faizal isa i wish u all the best