Tuesday, September 29, 2009

To The Official Blogger

Chill people chill.....

When I woke up this morning, I saw a rather 'upset' sms from my friend Official Blogger Iz.

"I hardly read forums and comments on the web but when I came home today, my blog was flooded with comments and I had to moderate them all. Honestly its not a good thing...it all started with the f1 ticket I got. People call me a leech, people call me ungrateful, copycat, useless, liar, and began to curse my family.. Normally I won't be bothered but now it really dampened my spirits big time, don't know whats the point of being a damn blogger. When everything just hurts man. Just too much after a tiring day. My heart just break man. Hai! Wa trace really sorry I don't copy your entries, don't know why people are saying I copy word for word?"

Guys, listen, let's all give the guy some love k?
He works super super hard at being the Official Blogger and he does it the best he can. He's so dedicated to this 'job'. He loves the show as much as I do. And loves the Idols even more. He got home from a long day following them from their morning radio interviews all the way to the end of choreo late last night, so that he would have content to share, only to find people bombarding him for a job he doesn't even get paid to do.

For the record :
1. Iz and I are both NOT paid for the work we do here on our blogs. Iz won a camera from MediaCorp. And his site is hosted by them. But thats all. His taxi fare and any other expenses incurred to follow the Idols around are not reimbursed to him at all. So basically apart from a digital camera and some allotted cyberspace, he's just like me.
*Eh, twitpiccing is NOT CHEAP k. But we do it cos we know you all can't wait to kaypoh on the Idol front.

2. Iz has a day job, we both do. He's a freelance graphic designer, thats how he pays for his Idol stuff, he works. I'm a full time Mom, and if you dare tell me its not a job I will so *kok* you over the head. I dip into my grocery budget for taxi rides to MCS, if The Husband doesn't send or pick me. Bottom line is, we aren't on IdolWatch 24/7 cos we have other things to take care of - which is why some posts are a little late sometimes (plus Iz needs to wait for his graphics to render - how else do you think his pics are always so awesomely decked out?)

3. We are NOT competing. What's to compete anyway? Both Iz and I do this out of genuine love and support for the show. We are given the same amount of access to the Idols and we give as much as we can, to take you behind the scenes so you can get a little closer to your idols. There really is no need to compare our blogs.

4. We both have our own take on things and most times we try not to overlap in terms of content, but when you're blogging at 2 or 3am on your own, how would you know what the other fler's thinking rite? Sometimes we discuss stuff over MSN, and I guess if you're on the same wavelength you end up talking about the same things. Its not like we sit side by side and blog you know, and 'copy' each other...what are we, sitting for PSLE mock papers?

Anyway, I just wanted to say, show him some love la people. He's hardworking and loves this job, and he has feelings too (there really is no need to resort to calling him obscenities or ridiculing his upbringing and his appearance - please la, what are you, in 4th Grade?).

Cut him some slack for language, he's not an English teacher. Look for the good - he's always got great ideas - Idol TV with Jon Cheok as host is a great idea, I love it (mostly also cos I love Jon cos he's a sweetie ;)).

A big hug to Iz. Don't let them haters get you down boy, you're doin' a great job, keep up the good work. You can find Iz's work at the Official Idol Blog, go check it out if you haven't already.

Much much love, s.

ps. Its IDOL DAY tomorrow! WOOT! Can't wait to see ya Iz and the LODIs - miss you guys tons! Haven't seen you all since Beyonce night! OMG I haven't changed my pass...die....skali the ban me from MediaCorp...no wonder I couldn't find my driver's license.


  1. I know how this feels like. Soldier on... for every one enemy you have, there are ten more who support what you do. I should know... I used to run TB.net :)

  2. Both you & Iz have your own style. it's seriously to our benefit as readers! hahaha. best of both worlds, i must say.

    unfortunately some people are just too critical. Oh well, at least I found a TV addict like me in you & an awesome pro blogger in Iz.


  3. Some people just need to get a life - perhaps they're just immature school student who haven't been out to the society to work, and also can afford their time complaining too much about the bloggers.

    I believe that you (Summerr) and Iz were NOT paid to write blogs for SI.

    Btw, kudos to both of you for trying to update us while you've to be preoccupied with your day jobs. I can understand that it's tough to juggle between day jobs and a voluntary work. To be honest, I'd say shame to mediacorp for not paying you guys to do more.

  4. Thank you all for such positive comments. And hey Jenny - i like what you said - yes, please tell Mediacorp to pay us :)heheh.

    Me and Iz have talked about the whole monetary thing before, but the truth is, both of us would SO do this again in a heartbeat. And the other greater truth is, the Mediacorp people are really sweet, they treat us like family and look out for us all the time. So its all good :)


  5. summerr, I respect your comments n all, but i think that official guy needs to work a little harder. how can the unofficial blogger be more informative and opinionated than the official one? i have seen him hanging around at roadshows, he's just hanging around. I've seen you at roadshows too, and I always see you either taking pics or vids. I think he's just there to rub shoulders with the idol.
    plus, all his posts are so bland. perhaps he has to remain 'fair' but isn't that job supposed to be left to the official website. aren't bloggers supposed to have opinions? I like your blog because you are honest. I have read the comments where people say you are biased. I disagree. I just think you have an opinion and you share it - thats the point of blogging. The official blogger may as well be a reporter.