Tuesday, September 8, 2009

IMPORTANT : Comment with care

IMPORTANT : Comment Posting guidelines

Dear readers,
Thank you very much for supporting this blog and rooting for your favourite Idols.

It has come to my attention that my previous decision to not 'moderate' comments for this blog may have been a mistake. I thought freedom of speech was the way to go, but the recent spate of comments (especially on Ryan's page) have led me to think otherwise.

But before I do the drastic and revert to 'moderation' mode, I'd like to give it another try by asking you all to practice a little SELF RESTRAINT.

I have 2 very simple rules for comments...

1. Please, do not use any profanity - I won't even look at the context of your comment, it will be deleted, no matter who you are. Please have some consideration, some of the readers here are still pretty young.

2. Please refrain from making disparaging comments about anyone's sexuality, religion or race. Its downright disrespectful and just lame. Am sure your parents taught you better right?

Should the situation with the comments stream become too difficult to monitor, I'm afraid I'll have to revert to 'moderated' comments which is no fun right?

Personally, I like to see my comment go up the minute I hit submit. And since I'm not plugged in 24/7, if I use 'moderate', your comments may not go up for quite a while until I have time to get to them - where is the fun in that guys? For me and for you!

I'd rather be blogging.

So do me a favour guys and keep your comments on the right side of the road.

Much appreciated.
xoxo, s.

ps. To the Anonymous person who made that AWFUL remark on Tabitha's profile - tsk. so distasteful. paedophile much?

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