Monday, September 14, 2009

Congratulations Nurul, welcome to Singapore Idol's Top 13.

In the wake of MJ's departure, the 13th spot is now filled by Nurul Huda.

Remember folks, there is no Idol show this Wednesday, the show returns NEXT WEDNESDAY (23 Sept), 8pm, with the very first Spectacular episode (theme is Chart Toppers).

Is Nurul a good replacement for MJ? Who would you have rather seen in that spot?

summerr's take :
Aiya, to be honest, I would have been happy with Nurul, Jannah or Teddy taking that spot. From what I hear, Nurul had the most public votes after MJ, so she's the natural replacement, since MJ was also voted in by the public. I wonder what would have happened had it been a judges' choice that decided to pull out - who would the Judges put in?
*am also assuming you have to replace like for like, so only chose from Piano Show 1. If Piano Show 2 were to be included, I'd add in Gabby and Jon.

xoxo, s.


  1. No matter Public or Judge or including Piano Show 2, I think Nurul is the best replacement and she deserves the spot. She has a great voice. And she's a nice funny person!-->(rmb the time she said that she worked in 7-11 when Ken was insulting her?) =D

  2. omg i think singapore would be very happy cos alot of people support nurul! :) im very happy heheh and im sure the judges are happy too. they know she has a special voice. nurul is so lucky to have an unexpected second chance :O

  3. Yeah, Nurul got it, She defiently deserves the spot :)

  4. if she has the next highest vote after MJ, shouldnt the judges vote her in instead of maq coz she undeniably has a better voice

  5. LOL, no more Ken's pretty chinese female idol. Haha.

  6. This competition is unfair. 6 Malays in total?
    Omg, it's ridiculous

  7. OMG that last comment was so unnecessary. How can that be unfair? you're judging them based on race? are you even singaporean?! thats just so tasteless.

  8. Excuse me, if you wanna be racist at least get your facts right. There are only 5 Malays, the other one is Arab. Now dont tell me you are going to be bias and discriminate against religion as well!

    Only 3 got in by public votes. The others are voted in by the judges -- based on their talent!

    We are talking about Singapore Idol right? That means the contestants can be Malay, Chinese, Indian or Others!

    Pls say the "Pledge" everyday. It might help you to be more Singaporean!

  9. I am a Chinese gal who voted for Gabrielle and Nurul. When I knew both of them were out last week, I wanted to stop following the program. Now with Nurul back, I am overjoyed to watch SI again :) Will now vote for her a few times every week to keep her in the comp though it can be hard to motivate me back to voting again due to last week's results. I hope Nurul's fans who were once disappointed with her departure, will keep voting for her. Race and gender shouldn't matter - likeability is the factor. Nurul FTW!

  10. i think the SI is nt about race or religion . its about who is going to represent our country ..