Sunday, September 27, 2009

All The Single Ladies! Oh Oh Oh...


I expected to be blown away by Queen B, but not THIS blown away. Its a day later and I'm STILL starstruck. (check out this awesome pic of her walking about in the F1 pits yesterday just before her performance! Lookit that gorgeous red lipstick - totally works on her!)

Thank you F1 Rocks for putting up a great show last night - the Peas were awesome as always and Bey IS the consummate performer - in my opinion, she is second only to MJ himself. Her 'Halo' tribute to Michael had me in tears (as it did Tabitha and Duane who are hardcore Beyonce fans. Then again, Duane was in tears for most of B's concert :)), it was heartfelt, sincere and oh-so-hit-the-spot!

I've never seen her perform LIVE, and truth be told, she's such a huge star, I kinda expected her to be a diva and do a 40-minute set (like I heard A*mei did on Thursday night) but phwoar, her royal amazingness presented non-stop entertainment, (save 2 or 3 mini costume changes) song after pitch perfect song for a good 80 minutes!

She was worth every single penny (that my lovely husband forked out for the ticket).
Here's a look at fan videos from last night - thank you people for being so quick to youtube - I am lovin' it - reliving the (alcohol-free I might add!) highs of last night.

Beyonce - I love love love you!

This next vid goes out especially to my friend Taufik :) - sorry babe, I know I promised to record Single Ladies for ya, I was so damn far away (VIP area is all the way back! I swear, I was like 7 ft away from Reshmonu and Nadya Hutagalung! How'd I get there? See my next post later tonight!) , whatever I recorded came out like crap, so luckily loads of crazy fans who were closer to stage recorded the song - here is what it looked like - lemme tell was OMFG AMAZING! Why weren't you there la?!

I love this song.

Thank you again to all the wonderful people who uploaded these vids to Youtube! So happy to be watching them and reliving my high from last night - woot! The only vid missing is Beyonce's Halo and her tribute to MJ. Hopefully someone will put it up soon :)

Oh yes, here's one more, Beyonce doing a cover of the Alanis hit 'You Oughta Know' - this one's from my generation. The song is like 14 years old! I had a great time singing along while the Idols looked kinda blur LOL! To those of you who know song... enjoy....

The last song Beyonce sang was a special tribute version of 'Halo' to Michael Jackson. Behind her on the big screen was MJ's image and she sang with so much emotion, it made me tear. I'm getting choked up just remembering it.

"Singapore, I'm Yours." - Beyonce Knowles
B closed the show by saying 'Singapore,(insert super long pause for anticipation)..... I'm Yours', and when she said that I swear a felt a little weak in the knees. She said that she was here to entertain us and would always, always give us her 100%. And you know what, she so totally did.

(couldn't resist sharing one more pic I found on the net, lookit those amazing legs - kow tow to Queen Beyonce! Lookin' hawt while struttin' the F1 Pits!)

Beyonce has my utmost respect, and I say it again, she is the consummate entertainer/performer. Absolutely top-notch. Second only to Michael Jackson himself. And I am so grateful to have been able to watch her LIVE!

Thank you Hon for buying me that ticket!

xoxo, s.

ps. check out my next post for how my day with the Idols went yesterday. Will post late late tonight, cos I'm off for the race in now - go Button and Hamilton! (bet y'all din know I was an F1 fan right? :))

pps. In the meantime, if you haven't already, you can check out my twitpics from last night here to see pics of the Idols at F1 rocks.

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