Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IT'S IDOL DAY! The One With All The Numbers

Good morning everyone! Its 5.17am on Idol Day!!!!!

And I'm up. C'est ridiculous no?...but I can't sleep - too excited for Group 2.

To be honest, when I first saw the line up for Groups 1 and 2 for Piano Shows, my first thought was 'wah, group 1 damn tough man!', but now I think Group 2 is just as tough - so much talent, how to choose?

Well, here's a reminder of who goes first, who's singing what and what numbers to call. Oh wait, before that, lets plug this morning's radio interview, happening in less than 4 hours.

Tune in to the Official Idol Radio Station, 987FM, where Dan & Young will be interviewing the last four of tonight's 12 performers : Benjamin Chow, Samantha Lee, Justin Jap and Mae Sta Maria.

Yesterday I wondered if D&Y were gonna talk about Char's sex tape scandal and they did, wondering now if they'll dredge up Ben's old hacker story + fake leg scandal! Must tune in to find out.

Official blogger Izked will be heading down to the radio station to tweet/twitpic during the interview. (Also, he's a big Daniel Ong groupie LOL <-- Iz, dun kill me! and dun faint when you meet Dan The Man!) Anyhoo, follow Iz's tweets here : Izked.

9am@987FM. TODAY. Listen.

Ok, back to voting details!

Last week, the top 3 votes went to 3 guys. The Judges' Save went to 3 very talented girls. There's been so much talk about everyone wanting a 'girl' idol this year but looks like voters/viewers are all talk and no action.

Are you really voting for talent?

The judges can only 'save' the talent up to here, once at Spectaculars, its really a free-for-all.
So vote for the ones you really want to put through, the ones you want to see progress week after week, the ones you believe will do the Idol title and Singapore proud.

Without further ado..... here's what Group 2 will be singing and the numbers to call ......

For your quick reference :

sezairi sezali
"Sunday Morning"
1900 112 1201
SMS 1 to IDOLS (43657)

gabrielle ferdinands
"Thinking Of You"
1900 112 1202
SMS 2 to IDOLS (43657)

duane ho
"I'm A Little Too Not Over You"
1900 112 1203
SMS 3 to IDOLS (43657)

jonathan cheok
"Come Together"
1900 112 1204
SMS 4 to IDOLS (43657)

fathin amira
1900 112 1205
SMS 5 to IDOLS (43657)

sylvia ratonel
1900 112 1206
SMS 6 to IDOLS (43657)

faizal isa
"This Love"
1900 112 1207
SMS 7 to IDOLS (43657)

charlene torres-tan
"Can't Take My Eyes Off You"
1900 112 1208
SMS 8 to IDOLS (43657)

benjamin chow
"At Last"
1900 112 1209
SMS 9 to IDOLS (43657)

samantha lee
"Don't Speak"
1900 112 1210
SMS 10 to IDOLS (43657)

justin jap
"So Sick"
1900 112 1211
SMS 11 to IDOLS (43657)

mae sta maria
"Better In Time"
1900 112 1212
SMS 12 to IDOLS (43657)

Like last week, I'll be tweeting/twitpiccing from the studio once I'm there. Follow me at

Good luck LODIs, have a great show - bring it!

xoxo, s.

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