Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Congratulations & Spectacular 1

Congratulations to the Idol hopefuls that have made it through tonight! Welcome to the Spectaculars!

I'm still at Caldecott Hill so just a quick post to remind you that there will be no Idol next Wednesday, its that one crucial week where the Top 12 are photographed like mad for publicity pictures and filmed for promotional trailers etc. Its a very glam week to be in the Top 12 (also a very tiring one).

Next Tuesday, they've got a full day shoot at 8Days (thats right, 8Days!) and its for the cover of the mag! How awesome is that! The Top 12 get their very own glossy mag cover! Will be on site to give you an inside look via twitpic/twitter.

So anyway, the first Spectacular will be on Wednesday 23rd September.
The theme : Chart Toppers. This means the Top 12 can pick any chart topping song from 2000 to the present. And it applies to any of the big hit charts from American Top 40 to the Billboard charts and even the local charts. (Click here to get an idea of the songs you may be hearing, based on the US Billboard charts, click on years 2000 to 2009).

If you can't tahan being away from them for two whole weeks, you can catch the Top 12 at their first roadshow at Sembawang Shopping Centre on Saturday, 19th September, 3 - 4pm.

Proper congrats posts etc will come once I'm home from Caldecott Hill, till then, you can follow me at you know where.

xoxo, s.


  1. Looks like some info needs to be changed. They did an Anoop and its now a Top 13. Woww.

  2. Group 1 public vote: Charles, MJ, Farhan
    Group 1 Judges' choice: Malaque, Syltra, Tabitha
    Group 2 public vote: Justin, Faizal, Duane
    Group 2 Judges' choice: Amira, Sezairi, Sylvia

    Top 13 'Anoop': Mae :)

  3. I have to say that Singapore's choices so far have been less than stellar.

    In the first group none of them were close to being the top three of the night. Tabitha, Syltra and Theodore should have gotten the spots with the judges picking Frances, MJ and Charles/Nurul.

    In the second group, the best of the night were Sylvia, Mae and Sezairi without a doubt ! That's who Singapore should have voted in. The judges should have picked Justin, Amira and Ben with the Top 13 addition being the between Charles, Nurul and Farhan from the first group.

  4. top 13,they added another contestant in

  5. I thought sam or charlene should have replaced mae for the 13th spot. And, I personally think that duane and faizal were quite good too...

  6. im malay but i so do not want another mat (farhan or faisal) to win. dun think they even should be in the top 13

  7. I want Sylvia to win!
    Or Airi!
    Or Syltra!

    I think these 3 should be top 3!

    But Singapore voted for most of the people who should not be in.

    I bet only the teenage girls are voting la! That's why!!!

  8. yeah, there should be a season where the judges vote for talents all the way until the finale which will be then voted by sg. Then SI can at least some money.

  9. vanessa loves vampire diariesSeptember 13, 2009 at 9:33 AM

    i've been reading the comments on this blog and from what i see you all are complaining and complaining about how your favourites are not in. if you're so unhappy with the result put your money where your mouth is and vote la. You don't like Farhan? Vote for who you like and put them through la. And i'm not talking about casting 1 vote. whats the point in that?
    I'm a Justin fan. I love his voice and I voted like crazy for him, as did my friends who all believe he has talent - and see...he got in. We thought our votes would not count againstt he teenage girls who would probably vote for Jonathan, but it did - so Im telling you, commit to your Idol and they will be safe. And stop complaining if you didn't vote.
    YOU have a chance to impact the idol's journey but all you people do is sit here and complain and no action talk only. So lame.
    'Passionate' enough to pass judgement and comment only - so pathetic. I think if you aren't voting you shouldn't say anything.