Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Idol Radio Interviews!

987FM is the Official Radio Station for Singapore Idol.
didja'll know that?

Daniel Ong said to the Idols once, "Come in, relax, make yourself at home, this will become like your second home during Idol, cos you'll be here every week...."

Which is pretty true, especially for the 2 that will be going to the finals in December. Because each week, 987FM will be carrying interviews with the Top XX on the days leading up to Idol Day and on Idol Day itself. Cool innit? Magic time - 9am.

Here's a look at what went down at Monday's interview with Mae, Charles, Syltra and Sylvia. You can check out more pics at my twitpic.

In case you didn't hear the interview, one thing you all must know - Charles is the sweetest- he actually picked all the girls up (plus Mae's hubby Mike) and drove them all to MediaCorp on Monday morning for the interview! How sweet is that?

And he's adorably blur too - he told Mae he'd pick her up at 7.30am to 'beat the traffic' and when they arrived at 7.45am (reporting time is 8.45am by the way), he was like, 'wow, we really DID beat the traffic...or....wait...maybe it's because today is a public holiday....' *face palm everyone :)* but still SO ADORABLE LOR!

This next vid features each of them plugging themselves and what they'll be singing for Chart Toppers tonight - woo hoo first Spectacular. They all look sleepy etc cos, well, its Monday morning.

Here are some pics from Izked's twitpics from yesterday's interview with Sezairi, Tabby, Amira and Justin.

Don't forget to tune in today at 9am to 987FM for the last five - Nurul, Farhan, Malaque, Duane and Faizal.

Plus, if you just can't get enough of them, Ria will also be carrying some interviews - check out Sezairi, Amira, Farhan, Faizal, Nurul and Malaque today at 8am on RIA.

Psst, follow Iz's tweets today from as early as 730am (thats right - that crazy boy is gonna be following the Idols from 730am! Siao, but good for us kaypohs!

Ok, am off to frost my cupcakes! Its my baby girl's actual birthday today, so its Princess Party Part Deux at school!

xoxo, s.

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