Wednesday, September 9, 2009

More vids & Predictions...

Am seriously on a roll. Is it obvious that I'm Youtube-ing? :)

And I just discovered this one by Gabrielle singing a very 80s sounding song but still sounding very good!

Btw, I've been meaning also to put this vlog below up for awhile, but aiya, somehow keep missing it! Matthew so sorry dude. Will put your next one up sooner.

Matt is the wubby for Idol. A wubby is the guy who warms up the crowd before the show goes on-air. (You'd think it was Gurms, but its not :) someone else always warms up the crowd first.)
Matt, bein' your first live show and all, good job dude! Keep it up! (cheers for the plug on the end!)

Anyway, Matt's doin' a series of vlogs on idol, its his take on the show and how it went. Check it out.

Predictions :
Ok, so now that the vids are up, and its 4pm, I'll be heading up to Caldecott Hill in about 2 hours.
What's my plan today...well today, I'm gonna get the Idols to predict if they're going through or not? How? A super scientific method using a super scientific tool....check out the tool.....

Ta-daaaa, meet my Magic "Enchanted" Ball.
My standard issue Black 8 Ball is in storage, but my new Magic "Enchanted" (as in from the movie, this was a promotional movie premium) Ball works pretty well. I didn't use it last week, I wonder how come I didn't think of it? Tsk!

I asked the ball if tonight would be a good show and it replied "So It Shall Be". Let's hope it got that one right.

Now, let me see what it says about tonight's 12.
My question will is : Will get through to the Top 12?

Sezairi : So It Shall Be
Gabrielle : Prospect Good
Duane : The Stars Say No
Jonathan : Focus and Ask Again (LOL!) ; Very Likely
Amira : Chances Aren't Good
Sylvia : Looks Like Yes
Faizal : Chances Aren't Good
Charlene : The Stars Say No
Benjamin : Unlikely
Samantha : Unlikely
Justin : No Doubt About It
Mae : Very Likely

Interesting. The ball threw up 6 positives and 6 negatives. Uncanny.
Btw, this is the first time a Ball has asked me to focus and ask again :P so I asked again for Jonathan.

The 6 that the Ball predicts to go thru are :
Sezairi, Gabrielle, Jonathan, Sylvia, Justin and Mae.

When I asked the ball is there was a chance we'd see an 'Anoop' situation's what the ball said : Consult Me Later <-- tsk.

I kid you not.

Ok, that 'face palm' moment aside, my spideysense tells me its highly probable, what with the first 12 being brought back into the studio and all. Spideysense is tingling!

Anyway, let's see how the Ball does when its in the hands of an actual Idol hopeful. I'll be bringing "Enchanted" here with me later on, and will twitpic the results so you know I'm not doctoring it!

ok, gotta go, the kids are up - time for play!
see you via twitter/twitpic at Studio 1!

xoxo, s.


  1. Your magic ball is wrong!!! How can Fathin not get through with her killer vocals? >:O
    If she doesn't get through, something is definitely wrong!

  2. strange, i predicted the same thing. or atleast that's my dream team for tonights show! *fingers crossed*