Saturday, September 12, 2009

Enchanted Ball & Daniel Ong's prediction

Daniel Ong is more accurate than my magic ball k!
must call him for predictions from now on.....

I posted on Wednesday afternoon that I planned to bring my Magic 'Enchanted' Ball to the studio and let Grp 2's 12 contestants as it if they will be going through to the Top 12. (click here to read)

I asked the Ball for each of the 12 contestants before I met up with them, click here to find out what the ball predicted when I asked.

I tweeted/twitpicced when I asked the 12. here's what we got before the show...

Charlene : So it shall be

Amira : Indications say yes

Benjamin : very likely

Sylvia : You can count on it.
CORRECT (after Sylvia shook it like 6 times and forced it to give her this answer)

Duane : Don't bet on it.

Mae : Stars say no.

Justin : Cannot foretell now.

Jonathan : Absolutely.

Sezairi : You can count on it.

Gabrielle : Don't bet on it.

Samantha : Chances aren't good.

Faizal did not participate - pantang lor.

Overall result :
4/12 correct
5/12 wrong
1/12 forced correct answer
1/12 cop out

Suffice it to say, Ball is not coming with me to the next round - so unreliable. pfft!

On a side note, Daniel Ong is quite the clairvoyant/predictor. On Tuesday's interview with the Idols on 987FM, he predicted that 3 out of the 4 that were there that morning would go through. The 4 were Faizal, Sylvia, Amira and Charlene, and the first 3 DID get in.

I took this pic right after he made that prediction. Din even ask them to pose together or anything, they just did. Like, a second after Dan said what he said....


987FM's got loads of ghost stories, Dan has tons cos he used to work the midnight shift ages ago. standing as I'm typing this...its 1am and I'm sitting in the corridor in the dark outside my kids' room.

ok ok, signing off now dudes...shaky hands.....brrr...chills!

xoxo, s.

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