Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Show's over - time to vote like MAD!

Watch recaps on tv to remind yourselves how they sang and check out Group 2's profiles/vids here to find out more about them (right side bar)...then VOTE. LIKE. CRAZY.

You've only got til 10pm.

Here's a quick reminder of the voting deets! (click to enlarge if you can't see)
I'm at the studio right now, knuckles probably white with anxiety.

Do follow me on twitter/twitpic for live pics and updates (from the show earlier) and more to come during the break now and the Results show later.


Just half an hour away from knowing who the Top 12 will be.

Judges, please grant me one big upset and name an 'Anoop'! Or two!
Better yet, someone from last week please - Nunu, Jannah, Teddy......(just a suggestion Judges!*)

xoxo, s.

*As if the judges got time to go online and read this blog lor. summerr delirious from Idol Day.

1 comment:

  1. why didnt the judges select Nurul! She has such a wonderful Voice! Nvm

    COngrats to the top 13 :)