Monday, September 28, 2009

Charles' Birthday Song

Get ready to fall in love with Charles....

Charles wrote this song for his girlfriend back at Idol Bootcamp cos he missed her birthday (what with them bein' holed up at OCC for a whole week - no handphones sumore!)

Someone on youtube requested the lyrics to the song, here they are....Charles, the sweetheart that he is, handwrote it in my notebook (must frame, may be worth $$ next time!) on the bus on the way to Bukit Panhjang Plaza on Saturday. Nah....

Charles' Birthday Song
I can guess the lights tonight, are darker in your home
I can see you in the kitchen, eating your birthday cake alone
You don't wanna check your phone anymore, cos every time you do,
All you see's the same old picture laughing back at you

Chorus :
Well tonight I'm sure I'll understand, what loneliness means
I'm sure you'll feel it too when you see Idol commercials on the screen
I close my eyes, I see you standing all alone and so I say
Baby please forgive me, I can't be here today, but happy birthday

You tried to tell me what was loneliness, but I was just a fool
was in Australia when you tried to explain, but I never full understood
Baby the stage lights are blazing but its freezing where I stand
All I'm holding is this microphone, when I wanna hold your hand

Chorus 2 :
Baby for this loneliness, we are each other's cure
So many lovely voices where I'm at, but none as good to hear as yours
I close my eyes and see you crying all alone, so I say
Baby please forgive me, please tell me you're ok, happy birthday.

wahlao. can cry wan when you listen to this song. the lyrics are simple but so heartfelt.

here, watch the vid again and sing along :) now that you have the lyrics!

Thank you Charles for sharing! Your girlfriend musta been on top of the world with such a beautiful song written for her (lucky girl!). I'm sure she more than deserves it, remember folks, its not easy being the other half of an Idol contestant - you're likely to not see your partner for days on end cos the Idol schedule is crazy!

ok, am off to upload vids onto youtube! (ok fine, I admit, am also off to hunt for more Beyonce f1 rocks vids on youtube :))

xoxo, s.


  1. Definitely the Best Original I've ever heard. Full of emotions and it's really touching.

    Good work !

    -Summer, can you ask Charles to record this on youtube in a better quality? Cause it's really great.

    10 Stars!

  2. Ironic as it may seem. I am beginning to fall for his music after hearing this lovely piece.

    He is now offically in my favourite list :)))

  3. Sherry is really a lucky girl :)

  4. Bro! You made me cry. That was awesome.
    I'm sure she cried when she heard that too...

    See you guys next week.. You too, Tracy!

  5. maressa, see ya tomorrow! :) its like before the weekend, feels like long way to go before Idol Day, once its Monday - its like OMG suddenly its just 2 days away from Idol day! And now its tomorrow!

  6. wahhh yah peiseh.. it's TMRW! omgomgomgomgomg.. i can't wait to see them all again..